Did You Know???

         Well, you probably know these if you're a die hard Alanis fan but some are quite interesting, so, I decided to put them here. Oh, and you might want to pay attention if you're going to take the Trivia. Most of the questions there are answered in here(although you're going to have to look in other parts too).

Did You Know -

  • Some people actually don't like her music...:-)

  • Her concerts are always sell outs.

  • Her videos are played up to 30 times a day.

  • She started writting songs when she was 9.

  • She recorded her first song when she was 11.

  • Jagged Little Pill held the #1 position longer than any other album in 1996.

  • It sold 13 million copies in the U.S. and another 6 million worldwide!!!

  • Jagged Little Pill is the biggest selling album by a female in history!!!

  • Jagged Little Pill is the name of the album, but there's no song on it with that title. Instead, it's a line for "You Learn"("Swallow it down...it's a jagged little pill...")

  • Alanis had a small role in a movie with Matt LeBlanc(Friends' Joey) in which she played a rocker.

  • Alanis also had a small role in a 1993 Fox TV comedy, Just One of the Girls, with Corey Haim.

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