Okay, I've got a 30 second clip for every song in Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, and MTV Unplugged. If you've got RealAudio, check out the RealAudio Section for a 60 second clip of each song. The movie clips are from MTV's Website. Unfortunatly, I don't have the space to place them on my page(I've hardely got enough for the sound clips) so they're just linked directly to MTV's website. Oh, and the sound clips are in .wav format while the movie clips are in .mov format. And one last thing, the reason, I didn't record the whole song into .wav or .ra format was because I didn't want you to cheat the record companies by just downloading them and not getting the album. The sound clips are to give you an idea of what her albums sound like so you won't be dissapointed when you do get it. Look for them at your favorite record store or online at CDNow. Click to buy Jagged Little Pill, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, or Alanis Unplugged.

Sound Clips From 'Jagged Little Pill' -

Sound Clips From 'Supposed Former
Infatuation Junkie' -

Sound Clips From 'Alanis Unplugged' -

Video Clips From MTV's Website -

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