1. "I started writting songs when I was really little because there were things I could say through songs that I couldn't verbalize any other way. Writting was something I had to do."

  2. "Back then I was a lot more worried about people's perceptions of me. I wanted approval, so I came across as happy. But really, I was quite insecure and not as prepared to share as much of myself as I am now."

  3. "The whole celebrity thing is not something I'm overly interested in. I don't pop up at parties. It's just not my thing."

  4. "I think everyone's hungry for the truth"

  5. "Most of my music is at least partely auto-biographical, but no one song is all of me. Each one is just a piece."

  6. "I didn't have high self-esteem when I was a teenager, as I think most teens don't. I used to think I was alone in that. Oh man, I wish I had me to listen to when I was 14."

  7. "There is no better feeling than when you write something you know is a piece of you and that, at some point, is going to communicate with someone else."

  8. "A long time ago I decided to take the positive things that my experiences had to offer, and not bother with the rest. I've always beleived you can make whatever you choose out of what life throws at you."

  9. I have mixed emotions about getting awards. I have difficulty with the concept of being judged. I don't feel I'm better than any other female artist. I'm just different. Everything we're all doing is valid."

  10. "...I want to walk through life rather than being dragged through it."

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