If you play the guitar, these tabs/chords might help you figure out the tiny parts you just can't seem to get. I did not tab these out, so don't e-mail me telling me that something is wrong. E-mail the author of the file. You should find his/her e-mail address included in the tab file. Oh, and one more thing. As of right now, they are free for downloading. If I'm mistaken contact me. Click here for an explanation of tablature, a legend of symbols and a simple explanation of what they are.

Tablature From 'Jagged Little Pill' -

  • All I Really Want
  • You Oughta Know
  • Perfect
  • Hand in my Pocket
  • Right Through You
  • Forgiven
  • You Learn
  • Head Over Feet
  • Mary Jane
  • Ironic
  • Not the Doctor
  • Wake Up
  • Your House
  • Tablature From 'Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie' -

  • Baba
  • Thank U
  • Are You Still Mad
  • That I Would Be Good
  • UR
  • One
  • Unsent
  • Joining You
  • Tablature From Other Sources -

  • Uninvited

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