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I am putting my page under the knife (like hell it needs it!!) so please be patient with the bRoKen links and crap. If you come in with a closed mind, I suggest that you go here.

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     I know that this is just another NIN page on the net, I would like to point out that I made this page to say what I think about NIN.  There are way too many "NIN kicks ass!!" pages out here.  Of course they do.  But in my perspective, Nine Inch Nails brings on a whole new aspect of life.  A lot of people can apply themselves to many of the lyrics that Trent writes.  Since the begining of time lazy fuckheads have been trying to find easier ways to do things.  How to go thru life with as little complication as possible.  Shit like that.  And sadly I realize that I am one of those people. I find it easier to sit back at home & let my anger out right then & there just by screaming lines from various NIN songs, rather than take the time to go out & kill someone.
     Upon reading shit loads of interviews, I find that Trent is honest with himself.  A lot of people have put him down saying that he's an act, or a poser.  Maybe he is, Maybe he isn't.  Does that make him less of a man?  Who's to judge?  I don't think that there is another band/artist that is real and true to his music the way Trent is.  And what's really pathetic is that most ppl think "oh, he's the guy that wrote that infamous line "I wanna fuck you like an animal" in his song. 
     I've talked enough out of my ass for one day.  And I know that if by sum miracle that Trent just so happens to read this, he'd be like "oh, she'll probably start this big campaign to help conserve the world of industrial from being bashed by everyone else..." and laff. Maybe he'd say that.  Maybe I would.  Maybe I'm just a dreamer.  Oh well...  now that you've read this much about what I had to say, take a look around the NIN-ternet & give Trent the credit he deserves.
     I have all 12 Halo's. I haven't seen the "Broken" movie yet. It would be cool to see it sumtime. Considering I live out in the boonies, I can't get my hands on very many things. We don't have a mall for hundreds of miles around. I hate it in this isolated hell-hole. bla bla bla...I don't have very much to offer here. But please sign the guestbook.  Thank you... and shit.   ~Tanya

"...it should be 4:20 somewhere" -Daniel

Don't think you're having all the fun, you know me. I hate everyone. -Wish

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