This page is be devoted to the 21 vehicle accident my
friend and I were in at 12:35pm on March 31st while coming
home to Columbus, Ohio from Middletown, New York.

This would be the view from the front of
my car facing down the road, facing the larger part of the wreck. The camper/Rv on the far
right side took the door off (as seen in picture 2) of my car. The first car you see in front
belongs to the two girls (Meredith and Kat) who let us stay warm in their car and who eventually
drove us to the nearest town, where we all stayed for the night in a church.

This is the Front of our car. The truck
next to it is where we called home from. The driver had a cellular phone.

The first car that hit us is pictured here.
We were both still in the car at the time. Ryan (driver) got out of the car soon after, then saw
the camper (pictured in various places) take the door right out of Pat's hand has he tried to get
out of the car (thus the damage to the front corner of the van). Then after that, a semi plowed
down the middle at mabye 50 mph throwing cars left and right. Pat said it may have hit the van also.
Just before the semi went through, Pat got out the driver side of the van.

This is a close up of the camper that took
the door off of the car. Somewhere down the road it lost its back corner, but we didn't see where.
There were pieces of it everywhere, even a few stuck in the car two up from us (who also remained
untouched for the most part).

This is a view from the other side. We had
to nearly crawl under a semi to get to this section of the wreck.
The road was completely blocked by the mess.

do a 180 from the last picture, looking
down the road again, this was the sight. This car, though hard to tell, had it's entire roof
smashed in. The steering wheel is above the roof of this red car where the drive would have
been sitting. The only injury there was a loss of a finger.

***When we get more time, more details will be posted.***

From what i've heard, there have now been 2 deaths from this crash.

Just a couple notes from ME `PAt':

  • When the camper took the door from my hand, something (I'm assuming the mirror) hit my elbow...

  • To get some idea of how much it was snowing, the pictures were taken taken about 10 mins after it happened, and that snow in the pictures, accumlated that fast...

    Ryan, Pat, Meredith, Kat

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