We are each of us angels with only one wing,
and we can only fly by embracing one another.





Everyone needs an angel guardian angel..


Please help support the 'Adopt A Guardian Angel' program. By doing so you are virtually taking the hand of a neighbor and joining us in creating a never ending circle around the world that will empower us to stand up and be the voice for all children of this planet! Show them we care enough to make a difference! In reality, by displaying this link back to our site you are helping us to meet our goal of creating awareness, education, recognition, prevention and intervention and that is the first real step towards breaking the cycle of abuse and stopping all forms of maltreatment!

Children Are Worth Saving Web Site

7angel.jpgBeware as you begin the journey of the soul. Listen with your heart and allow the Angel scribes to reveal the sacred messages. With love as your companion these Angels will help you remember your truth. It is safe. The time is now!

This Angel reflects to us the beauty and potential within each individual. She supports us in our quest to search deep within for our own personal truth. Her tranquil presence encourages us to reach beyond our imaginations and to live our dreams. She will help us transform dragons into dragonflies and then smile as they fly away. Her message is very clear, "Behold the Light that you are, so that you may be all you can be!"2angel.jpg

8angel.jpgThe Angel of dignity has come to help anchor a solid essence of self worth. Her message is urgent and intense. The time has come to act with dignity toward all life. Respect for Mother Earth is critical. Be open to new understanding and tolerance. Let go of the past with grace and forgiveness.

This Angel is the essence of the Divine Spirit manifested through unconditional love. The lesson is to allow each person the dignity of choice.

This Angel comes to remind us that we are all one in spirit. She brings with her the essence of awareness through unconditional love. She encourages us to forgive so that we may truly feel our own interconnectedness with all life. Unite with this Angel and visualize a world of peace. Know in your heart that peace is possible and allow the Angels to inspire you.4angel.jpg

5angel.jpgThis Angel embodies the breath of the Spirit. Her essence is everlasting freedom and expression. Call on her to help you make the connection with the Divine. Her constant companions are the blue birds of happiness, mediators between heaven and earth. These winged messengers bring lessons of joy to the planet.

This Angel's calm presence brings peace to the earth. She helps us to have the courage to let go of the past and step forward with forgiveness and love in our hearts. She brings the message that the time is now to honor all living things.9angel.jpg

By Jon-William Brown
Winter Angel

Winter Angel

Cool, crisp, blue-grey winter skies
blanket an Earth covered in silent wonder.
Mebahiah, Angel of Winter,
guards our sleeping Earth with gentle hands.
Her promise of rebirth is reflected
within the purity of snow covered hills,
frost-tipped trees,and bright stars
scattered throught the heavens.
She brings the blessings of children,
morality and spiritual awakening...

By Glenna Pleasant
Heavenly Gifts

By Linda Gadbois
BubblesSweet Dreams

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