This list must include everybody. I tried to remember as exactly as possible
everyone that has helped me on this page. If I left your name out (I'm
sorry), then send me an email message reminding me what or how you helped
being little or small and I will add your name in. Once again sorry if I
left your name out.

Personally, I would like to show my best gratitudes and all the human respect in thanking to every fan of C.C.CATCH. This page would not be possible without the support from people like you. Best Regards !

Armin Poecker 			Armin.Poecker@t-online.de
Piotr Boduch			piotr@mol.com.pl
Manfred Gerner			manfred_g_@hotmail.com
Vlad Andreyev			vlad@sigmanet.net
Jun Oi				junoi@tcp-ip.or.jp
Josep Gallardo Mora		pep22@hotmail.com or rcorretge@fihoca.com
Jan Erik Loken			jaloken@sn.no
Gianni Sercu			Gianni.Sercu@ping.be
Bogdan Pisai			bogdanp@automation.ipa.ro

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