Dan's Guitarists Page

The guitarists listed below are the ones that have held my interest over many years time. Everyone listed is quite accomplished technically, and can play just about anything. As a guitarist, I personally like music that is challenging for me to play. If I can learn it easily, I get bored with it quickly. Most of the guitar lines that interest me are somewhat complex, but still very melodic and harmonic. Some of the guitarists listed below have quite a following; some barely have a few pages dedicated to them. The links below are the pages which I like the best. (Most of them have links to more pages). I hope you find something interesting.

Favourite Guitarists

Ritchie Blackmore


______Ulrich Jon Roth

Yngwie J.Malmsteen

Michael Schenker

Kai Hansen

Rudolf Schenker

Adrian Smith

Joe Satriani

Steve Vai

General Links