Band Info


SCENIC was formed in November 1992 by Independent Project Records and SAVAGE REPUBLIC founder Bruce Licher. Presently consisting of Licher on guitars, James Brenner (formerly with SHIVA BURLESQUE) on bass, and Brock Wirtz on drums, SCENIC is acting as a vehicle for musical ideas Licher has been working on since the dissolution of SAVAGE REPUBLIC in 1989. SCENIC's debut album, Incident At Cima, has been conceived as a soundtrack for the remote East Mojave Desert. Joined in the studio by Robert Loveless, Jeffrey Clark, John Ganem and Chris Manecke, SCENIC have captured the stark beauty of the desert vistas in sound, and the release is accompanied by a series of photographs Licher has taken in the East Mojave. Since completion of the recordings, SCENIC have performed live with the addition of Robert Loveless on keyboards and guitar, and Brandon Capps on rhythm guitar. Performances to date have included a support slot for U.K. artists STEREOLAB in Los Angeles, a showcase at the Spirit Room in the old mining town of Jerome, Arizona, and as part of the second "Beautiful Noise" festival in Phoenix and Tucson in early 1995. Performances are rare, since Wirtz, Brenner and Loveless all live in Los Angeles while Licher and Capps are residents of Arizona, but future events and short tours are anticipated, along with work on new material.