Well, I recently recieved a letter from Bruce Licher, complementing me on the site and offering to do an interview, and that made me feel pretty good. Here is some information he gave me about the status of the band as of now:

Scenic is working on their third album right now, called The Spheres. They are hoping to finish the recording by late February, and then to find a record label, since World Domination is no more. So a new album might be released perhaps the second half of this year.
The Speheres is going to be "a bit spacier and ambient." It'll have some long pieces based on improvisations, which sounds very interesting. They are also recruiting ambient musician Harold Budd for one of the tracks on the album.

So I'm going to try to cook up some questions for the band members soon, and I'm going to add some more graphics of some cool post cards and things Mr. Licher sent me. So that's about it right now, I'll try to keep the site better updated, but you know how it is, I'll probably forget about it for a couple months.
-Brian Powers, January 23, 2000

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