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If you have never heard of Scenic, you do not know what you are missing. Scenic is an instrumental band from around Arizona. Scenic includes Bruce Licher on guitar (mainly), James Brenner on bass (mainly), Brock Wirtz on percussion and Robert Loveless on keyboards and harmonica (mainly). Their sound is fantastic, majestic and mystical, yet it can still rock. Scenic makes the kind of music you can just listen to and close your eyes and imagine. Scenic has two albums, Incident at Cima (1995) and Acqutica (1996). They are based with Independent Project Recordings and World Domination Recordings.

This site is here to get more people to know the band. If you like their music, BUY ACQUATICA OR INCIDENT AT CIMA, OR BOTH! Acquatica is a fantastic deal, only $13 at CDnow, and it is 70 MINUTES LONG!!!

I hope to soon have interviews with the band members, perhaps some guitar chords or something to that effect and hopefully some tour dates. For now, enjoy the few sound samples.

By the way, my name is Brian, and if you like the site or have any comments, please
e-mail scenicfan.


  • The Scenic Microsoft Plus! Theme - It contains sound events, original 256 color animated cursors, icons a screen saver and color scheme. Made by Brian Powers.


  • The Scenic Bulliten Board at
  • Trudge: (the artwork of Bruce Licher)
  • IPR Home: an unofficial IPR fan site, very cool.
  • The Scenic Store: Buy albums from CDNOW.
  • Where you can buy tons of Scenic stuff, including shirts, posters, CDs, singles, booklets, postage stamps.... Very excellent, and pretty inexpensive. $15 gets you Acquatica, (AND IT'S WORTH DOUBLE THAT!!).
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