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The Raiders

If you have anything at all from these early days please get in touch. Maybe you can help me add to my collection. I would appreciate photocopies of articles or anything else you may allow me to share.

Ken Collier (drums) / Brian 'Rockhouse' Davies (bass) / Dave Edmunds (guitar)

Nick Still (bass) / Ken Collier (drums) / Dave Edmunds (guitar)

pic by Chris Roberts

this great pic from Dave's site

The Raiders used to appear at a place called the '77 Sunset Club' in Barry.

Dave was in a group with his brother Geoff in the late 50's / early 60's. There is some info about this on Geoff's CD 'Best Of Geoff Edmunds'. He was also in a group called The Image in the mid 60's. The Image released 3 singles. Prior to Love Sculpture Dave released a single under the name of The Human Beans.

If you have any more of this fascinating info or any pics / tapes of the early days please get in touch with me: Send me an email.