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Nasib Si Labu Labi (1962)

Genre : Comedy
Format : Black & White
Language : Malay

Director :
P. Ramlee

Cast :
P. Ramlee ... as Labi
M. Zain ... as Labu
Udo Omar ... as Haji Bakhil
Murni Sarawak ... as Cikgu Murni (Murniyati)
Mariani ... as Manisah
Ibrahim Pendek ... as Cikgu Murni's father
Aziz Satar ... as Tok Kadhi

Producer :
(Malay Film Productions Ltd)

Synopsis :
This is a continuation from Labu Dan Labi (1962). Haji Bakhil's wife has just passed away and the whole family is in grief, even Labu and Labi. When all seems lost and lonely for Haji Bakhil, Murniyati a teacher for the orphanage rekindled his will to live. When she asked for donations, Haji Bakhil willingly obliged eventhough he used to be a miser. He started to dress like a young man and even bought a brand new car. All this in the hope of impressing and getting closer to his new found love, Murniyati. In the meantime, Labu and Labi found out that they have been admiring the same women all this while. Labu, feeling infuriated, decided to challenge Labi in a boxing match. The winner shall have the right to court Manisah. Haji Bakhil finally managed to build up his courage and asked for her hand in marriage during a Charity Show. Labu and Labi volunteered to act on his behalf and went to Murniyati's home to seek permission from her father. The result was simply hilarious. The marriage proposal was turned down flatly and Labu and Labi suggested that Haji Bakhil elope with her.


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