Cologne City Grid

Branching off of the long-distance-link highway, you slow down as the geometrics and lights of the Cologne subgrid take shape below you. Next to the incessant sky-blue flow of the virtual representation of the Rhine river, you see a platonic-solids rendering of Cologne Cathedral, dwarfed by the data fortresses of Ford-Matsushita Cologne and Eurobusiness Machines Corp. As you leave those black ice-heavy playgrounds behind you, a zone of enticing BBSs beckons...

Last updated on: May 12, 2001

What's new?

Management Shake-Up: I have passed the Cologne City Grid and the Germany West Region on to Sven Jeurink because I've been living in Japan since October 1, 2000. For at least 18 months, I'll be studying and writing my dissertation at Keio University in Tokyo, and therefore am unable to continue as the Cologne City Grid SysOp. This means that this page won't be updated regularly, but the weekly meeting at the Schlemmerpfanne will continue in the future, and you can also contact Sven directly. In the meantime, I'm a guest member of the Tokyo City Grid ...

Where can you find us?

The Netrunner players of Cologne City Grid meet regularly at the "Schlemmerpfanne", a fast food diner on Rudolfplatz (Hohenzollernring, opposite the Crowne Plaza Hotel). This closes at around 22:00, and most of the time, we hang around till then. We meet every Thursday at around 18:00. Just drop in anytime to play a game or two. Our sponsor is the "Outpost", a CCG shop where you can also stock up on NetRunner cards. The shop owner, Axel Dreyling, is very friendly and has recently started playing Netrunner himself! The "Outpost" is located directly at the streetcar station "Heumarkt", next to the Chinese fast food shop. Our tourneys are also played at the "Outpost" - just go straight through the shop and take the stairs down to the basement.

Revised Constructed Tourney in Cologne

On March 18, 2000, the Cologne City Grid held a Revised Constructed tourney at the "Outpost" TCG shop.
With 6 players, we played a round-robin with 5 rounds.
1. Sven Jeurink 13 GMP
2. Elke Jonen 9,5 GMP
3. Jens Kreutzer 8 GMP
4. Dieter Geulen 7 GMP
5. Manuel Stratmann 4 GMP
6. Alexandra Geulen 3,5 GMP
Thanks for playing!

Read about GMP for Innovative Decks, an experimental tournament format we tried in a Cologne Netrunner tourney.

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