Links to Other Liz Phair Pages

The Official Liz Phair Website
Now open for business!

ATO Records Liz Phair Site
ATO Records' Artists site for Liz Phair.

Capitol Records Liz Phair Site
Capitol Records' Artists site for Liz Phair (coming soon).

Liz Phair at MySpace
Now open for business!

Liz Phair at Facebook
Now up and running!

Never Said:: A Liz Phair Discography
The return of the Liz discography created and maintained by Charles.

Little Guyville
This was the very first Liz Phair website -- from South Africa!!!

Guyville - The Liz Phair Mailing List
The is the Liz Phair Mailing List website, maintained by Ross Jeffcoat.

Aaron Walker's comprehensive Liz Phair website, recently updated, with the comprehensive FAQ and MP3 sound files. Congratulations to this site for being acknowledged by the Entertainment Weekly Online Lilith Fair / Liz Phair feature!

Exile in Netville
Recently relocated with its own domain, this is a cool Liz Phair website, maintained by Meredith, who, like Liz, speaks her mind. Congratulations to this site for being acknowledged by the Entertainment Weekly Online Lilith Fair / Liz Phair feature!

Support System - A Liz Phair Mailing List & Fan Resource
Formerly the 6'1" Mailing List, this is the current active Liz Phair fan mailing list, maintained by Jason Long, recently relocated to location.

LIZ PHAIR - Matador releases
This is the official Liz Phair webpage, courtesy of Matador Records.

The Liz Phair Attic
This nice-looking site features Liz lyrics.

SOMA: Liz Phair
Very brief Liz page by Stayce, recently given a new look.

The Slick Divide - A Liz Phair Page
A visually-pleasing Liz site by Robbie McCown (formerly known as SUPERNOVA), recently relocated and given a face lift (nice job, I might add).

Gunshy: a Liz Phair Page
This is Liz site by Jennie Corman (formerly known as The Supernova).

Strange Loop
This is a nice new Liz site maintained by Matthew P. George.

Phairy Tales
A Liz mp3 site, maintained by Ian J. Gowrie, but not updated any longer.

Dance of the Seven Veils
Another Liz Phair page (created by Jennifer Sinkovitz).

Nashville - A Liz Phair Website
Formerly known as May Queen - A Liz Phair Website, this is Robert Joyner's Liz site, featuring the unique Liz "gig-ography". Congratulations to this site for being acknowledged by the Entertainment Weekly Online Lilith Fair / Liz Phair feature!

I Spy A May Queen
Created by Nicole W., this far-out site includes a paper written about Liz citing Mesmerizing in the bibliography! :) Oh, by the way, it has recently changed URLs.

Starland Motel: Liz Phair
The official Capitol Records Liz Phair page -- recently updated with info about whitechocolatespaceegg.

Liz Phair
Another new Liz site, created by James Hott.

Liz Phair Interactive
Formerly The Glory of Liz Phair, this Liz site is maintained by Matt Schulz.

The Liz Phair WebRing
The Liz Phair WebRing -- need more be said?

Cool, Tall, Vunerable, and Luscious
A Liz site, maintained by Jennifer Sayler, recently relocated.

Melted Popsicles: Liz Phair
Another new Liz site -- take a look!

The Spaceegg Corner
Yeah, it's another new Liz site. This site is courtesy of *spaceeggy* Katie =).

Explain It To Me
The beginnings of a new Liz page, courtesy of Suzanne.

The start of a new Liz page.

phair play
A Liz page, featuring audio/video files.

The Dslao Page - a Liz Phair page in French
A new Liz site from France, created by Fabrice Antonmattei.

Why I Should Marry Liz Phair
A mini Liz site that gives five reasons why the person who created this site should marry Liz...

*Psychosomatic Sister*
A visually-pleasing new Liz site, in the infancy stages...

ThE PyRoMaNiAc AnD LiZ PhAiR WeB RiNg HoMePaGe
The other Liz Phair webring.

Beginning To See The Light
A new Liz site focusing on lyrics (I believe).

A new Liz site (I believe), nicely designed.

Potty Mouth Girl
Here's another new Liz page, created by Caitlin Lane.

Blue Green Smoke - A Liz Phair Site
Recently relocated.

Songs To Clean The House By
An Australian Liz site - "The Australian Liz Phair connection".

Never Said Nothin'
A new Liz site.

Supernova | The Liz Phair Experience
This very nice Liz site, which recently moved, formerly known as Phair Weather, features lots of multimedia files.

Why I Left California
Another Liz site.

Music Garden: Liz Phair
A UK-based Liz site (I think).

bliss & phetish: A "Liz Phair Musical Information Warehouse"
A new Liz site created and maintained by Jeff Doak.

Psychosomatic Sister - Phair Junkie Hangout
Brand spankin' new Liz site by Laura.

Liz Phair Guitar Tabs
Liz Phair guitar tabs courtesy of Raymond Lew.

Liz Phair Tribute Album
Known as "Cover & Run", listen to Liz's songs as performed by members of the Liz Phair Forum.

Liz Related Sites
This is Tae Won Yu's website.

chris brokaw
This is Chris Brokaw's website.

Urge Overkill Official Site
This is the Urge Overkill Archive, the official spot for UO info.

2000 Kids With Guitars
This is a Ben Lee website, maintained by Kelly McGuire.

Matador Records
Matador Records

This is Liz Phair's official record label.

Minty Fresh Records
Minty Fresh Records

This is the record label that put out Liz's "Carnivore" single.

Venus Salt Trap
This is a Veruca Salt website, maintained by Seether800, who has generously donated some Liz scans and articles. :)

Jewel - Official Fan Community
This is the official website of Jewel Kilcher, who opened for Liz in 1995.

I'm Only Happy When It's Rains
This is the very first website dedicated to Janet Rains, Liz's backing vocalist during her 1998-1999 concert tours.

Janet Rains
This is another Janet Rains website.

Safe & Sound - A Sheryl Crow Fan Site
This is a Sheryl Crow fan site, run by Brett Marlow, a frequent contributor of Liz info to this site. Liz contributed background vocals to Sheryl's "Soak Up The Sun".

Dino Meneghin
This is the website of Dino Meneghin, Liz's guitarist / musical director / boyfriend.

Joe Ayoub
This is the official website of Joe Ayoub, bassist on Liz's recent tours.

Rachael Yamagata
This is the official website of Rachael Yamagata, who opened for Liz in the spring of 2004.

Phillip B. Phair
This is the official website of Phillip B. Phair, Liz's brother in exile! (link provided by Liz herself!)

Liz Links That Have Come And Gone

I put these links up as a reminder of when I first checked the web for Liz Phair info.

Liz Phair Home Page
Liz Phair Home Page
This Austrialian Liz Phair site, courtesy of Wood and Wire Magazine, included details of Liz as guest vocalist with the band Ashtray Boy.

LizNet: The Unofficial Liz Phair Home Page
At one time, this Canadian Liz Phair site was one of the best available Liz sites around.

The Swedish Liz Phair Homepage
This Swedish Liz Phair site, ran by Magnus, was one of the earliest Liz Phair sites on the web.

Derek Cedillo's Liz Phair Info
A Liz page, created by Derek Cedillo, with a few pictures, the basic information, and links.

Liz Phair Rocks
This is Sarah Wustner's Liz Phair website -- recently relocated and updated.

Liz Phair
This Liz site had a Juvenilia page with all the lyrics.

SUMMIT Supplemental: music-Liz Phair
This is an oldie, which has never been updated, courtesy of Stanford.

You've never been a waste of my time
This Liz site, ran by Will Bryant, features recent news with pointers to other Liz Phair sites on the web (with good descriptions of each).

Blushing Blue
A mini Liz page with .WAV files (and, coming soon, a Liz Windows 95 theme), courtesy of Melissa Goldfinger.

Mini Liz Page
Just as the title says... maintained by Sarah.

Behind Blue Eyes
This brand new (and nice-looking) Liz site was created and maintained by Jaimee.
"The Official Unofficial Site" maintained by Daniel Allis.

Liz Phair
A small Liz page full of pictures -- part of a larger The Village of Lilith Fair website -- run by Katie.

Liz audio files for audiophiles.

Letters and Sodas
A mini Liz page that's part of a larger Women in Musica site, maintained by Persygrrrl.

Formerly known as Phair Territory, this Liz site was created by Craig King.

All is Phair
A Liz page that has been recently relocated.

All Is Full Of Dan
A new Liz-related site with lots of mp3s and a photo gallery.

Perfect World
Another Liz site, run by Andrew Schultz.

The 6'1" Mailing List Web Site
This is the 6'1" Mailing List website (which in actuality should be called the Support System website), maintained by Jason Long, recently relocated to another provider (again).

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