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Frank Duval in Derrick Sorrow... now You are gone and I feel sorrow...
These words are sung by very interesting and, I think, rather mysterious man, who's name is Frank Duval. Here I will try to tell you all I know about him. Frank Duval was born in 1940. 24. november in Berlin. While young, he started studying as actor and dancer and he was in the group of the Kurfusterdamm-Theater in Berlin. He was also singing with his sister Maria. In '60 years he began to compose some pop and orchestral music. The first great success was the soundtrack for the "Tatort" (tele-serial) episode "Schüsse in der Schönzeit" broadcasted by ARD the 17th July, 1977. The director Helmuth Ashley discovered the young Duval and suggested him to Helmut Frank Duval's pic Ringelmann, the producer of "Derrick" and "Der Alte", two most famous german TV serials. From 1977 he composes music for these tele-serials. He even filmed as a murderer in "Derrick" "Der Schlüssel" episode (see first photo). At that time the first Frank Duval's album appeared. It was called "Die schönsten Melodien aus Derrick und Der Alte". From these series and also album three songs became hits:
"Todesengel" ("Angel Of Death"), 1979
"Angel Of Mine", 1980
"Ways", 1983
Frank Duval is making music for these serials till nowadays. Some other hits from him are: "Lovers Will Survive" (1986), "When You Where Mine" (1987)
Now a little bit about his music: in most part it's slow, vast and kinda lonely. I don't know any composer yet, who makes the music in the same manner as him. Maybe Jean Michael Jarre or Alan Parson's Project is something close to it. (he always makes music for himself). In many of songs he is not singing alone - a woman called Kalina Maloyer is making some vocals. Kalina is also writing lyrics for the songs. Besides that Kalina Maloyer is Frank's wife.
There is a melody written by Frank, which tittle is "Kalina's Melodie". For sure it has been devoted to Kalina.

That's all I can tell you about Frank Duval.

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