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Pic of the sleeve Give Me Your Love

Teldec Records Germany (1983)
6.20 233
Produced by Frank Duval
Published by Ed. Janina/Magazine Music (A side) and Manuskript (B side)
A side: Give Me Your Love
B side: Ogon (Duval)
Pic of the sleeve What A Day

Teldec Records Germany (1984)
6.20 377
Featuring Peter Bischof
Produced by Frank Duval
Published by Manuskript (A side) and
Orphée Musikverlag (B side)
A side: What A Day
B side: Moments And Mysteries (Duval)

Pic of the sleeve Die Schönsten Melodien Aus Derrick Und Der Alte (1979) Teldec records 1. Todesengel
2. Me To You
3. Ballade Pour Adeline
4. Sky Train
5. Mandala
6. Farewell
7. Love
8. Tyana
9. Sorry To Leave You
10. Tears
11. Kalinas Melodie
Pic of the sleeve Angel Of Mine (1981) Teldec records 1. Angel Of Mine
2. Autumn Dreams
3. Time To Make A Break Now
4. Song Of Theben
5. Take My Heart Maria
6. Fragments In My Life
7. Cry For Our World
Pic of the sleeve Face To Face - music from the serials "Derrick" and "Der Alte" (1982) 1. Face To Face
2. Cry (For Our World)
3. Love
4. Schwarzer Walzer
5. Autumn Dreams
6. Love What's Your Face
7. Todesengel
8. Angel Of Mine
9. Stone Flowers
10. Feel Me
11. Sky Train
12. Mystic Love
13. Song Of Theben
14. Time To Make A Break Now
Pic of the sleeve If I Could Fly Away

Teldec records (1983)
Arranged, produced and
conducted by Frank Duval Music: Frank Duval
Lyrics: Kalina Maloyer
1. Prologue
2. Sign In The Sky
3. On The Wing
4. Back To Eternity
5. Give Me Your Love
6. If I Could Fly Away
7. Light Waves
Pic of the sleeve Living Like A Cry (1984) Teldec records 1. Alaya
2. Moments & Mysteries
3. Time For Angels
4. Dream-Machine
5. Living Like A Cry
6. Ways
7. Seven Eternities
Pic of the sleeve Time For Lovers (1985) Teldec records 1. Lord
2. A Day Like Today
3. Out Of Seasons
4. Time For Lovers
5. Mysterious Girl
6. It Was Love
7. Changeover
8. Angel By My Side
9. Time For Lovers (epilog)
Pic of the sleeve Bitte Lasst Die Blumen Lieben (1986) Teldec records 1. Lovers Will Survive
2. Sound 2
3. Main Theme 1
4. Liebe Und Tod
5. Main Theme 2
6. Main Theme 3
7. I Believe In You
8. Main Theme 4
9. Sound 4
Pic of the sleeve When You Were Mine (1987) Teldec records 1. When You Were Mine
2. Face In The Wind
3. Galaxis Zena
4. It Seems To Be A Dream
5. Element
6. Fight In Myself
7. When He Left Her
Pic of the sleeve Touch My Soul (1989) Teldec records 1. Touch My Soul
2. Avedana
3. Life Will Go On
4. He Came From Space
5. And At The End Of Every Street
6. Children Of our Time
7. And One Day
8. Closer To Heaven
9. Help Me
Pic of the sleeve Solitude

East West records (1991)
Produced and arranged by Frank Duval
Engineered by Michi Högl
Recorded and mixed at Orphée-Studio/
La Palma/El Paso
Music: Frank Duval
Lyrics: Kalina Maloyer
1. Lonesome Ways
2. Lies In Your Eyes
3. Behind Her Smile She Cries
4. Solitude
5. Hey Man
6. Caravan At Night (Club mix)
7. Brother In Light
8. Song Of The Dying Whales
9. Machine Man
10. Living My Way
Pic of the sleeve Visions (1994) East West records 1. Prolog 1
2. Now We're Met Again
3. Children Of Gods
4. Anathanathos
a: Part 1 (A Dream)
b: Part 2 (Believe In Angel)
5. Kainara
6. Give Me A Vision
7. Gone Forever
8. Prolog 2

Thanks to:
Alex for scanning album covers.
Wolfgang Gandre for picture of "Angel Of Mine".
Giovanni Petronaci for info on tracklisting of some albums.
Alexei Vlasyuk for scanning the cover of "Bitte Lasst Die Blumen Leben".
Fedor Sigel for getting two Frank Duval's maxi singles.