This group appeared in late 70's in Sweden and soon after that attracted many music lovers in Europe. Group was formed by vocalist Ola Hakansson. The first single they recorded, was "Oh, Susie". The lyrics was Hakansson's and music was written by Tim Norell (another member of group). Since then, Sonet Records, the company in which all Secret Service's records was recorded, created new sublabel, especially for 12" of Secret Service. Standard of this sublabel is SEC-. The record "Oh, Susie" has a huge success, topping the charts in Sweden for a fourteen weeks. A followup single, "Ten O'Clock Postman", reached the swedish top 10, but more significantly made Nr. 2 in Germany and Nr. 4 in Japan. Both these singles were included in their first album "Oh, Susie" (1979), which went gold and sold over a 250.000 copies only in Scandinavia. Group's second album, "L.A. Goodbye" came out in 1980, which tittle song, "L.A. Goodbye", was a top 10 hit in Germany and Sweden. All successful tracks were remixed in 1982.
1982 saw the release of a third album, "Ye-Si-Ca", whose track "Flash In The Night" was a huge hit in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Norway, Portugal (where it topped the chart), Holland, Sweden and France, where it earned gold and topped the chart. During this time band gained a professionality, and became an inventive, progressive rock band. Their fourth album, "Cutting Corners" (1983), was voted Best Swedish Album. Soon after that, in 1984 their next album, "Jupiter Sign", appeared. I have no information about it's popularity, so I just mention songs that are good to my opinion: "Night Cafe", "Jo-Anne, Jo-Anne". The style of their latest albums was quite changed compared to first ones. More electrical, more NRG-ish. In 1985 album "When The Night Closes In" came out. My best album! Almost half an album is superior, other is just fine. This album was also re-issued in Russia. Again, no information about it's success in Europe and no information about members, what they're doing at that time. In 1986 Ola Hakansson teamed up with Agnetha Faltskog (former member of ABBA) on the track "The Way You Are". This song was dedicated to the Olympic Games and was also featured in a Swedish movie. It was released on a Secret Service album "Aux Deux Magots", as a Agnetha's Faltskog single with the b-side "Fly Like The Eagle" and also in a 12" extended version. Their last album, "Aux Deux Magots", came out in 1987. Also very good, done in NRG style. Unfortunately, this is the last album I know from this great group. After 1987 there were some compilations, The Best Of's. All albums of Secret Service was released on Swedish label Sonet.
Group members:
Ola Hakansson - voice, most of lyrics;
Tim Norell - music author;
Ulf Wahlberg - keyboard;
Tonny Lindberg - guitar;
Leif Paulsen - bass;
Leif Johansson - drums.
The only news I know is that when I recently bought Swedish dance group's "Midi, Maxi & Efti" album, I was surprised, when I saw that one of producers is O. Hakansson.
Some member of Secret Service were (and are) involved into creation of swedish group Army Of Lovers. Lots of Army Of Lovers' songs were written, produced, and mixed by members of Secret Service. If you like to know out more about this grat group, click here
The frontman of Secret Service Ola Hakansson
Recently popular Scandinavian remixers called Antiloop did a remix of the song "Flash In The Night". Yes, this fall Stockholm records, in which also Ola Hakansson works, released single "Flash In The Night/Oh Susie".
Some new information about Secret Service's frontman Ola Hakansson. He began his music career as a recording artist before studying Business Administration and then working at Sonet Records. Then came Secret Service and soon after that - fame. In 1992, Hakansson and his producer partners established Stockholm Records as a joint venture with PolyGram. They produced such artists as Stakka Bo , Army Of Lovers and The Cardigans.

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