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Hi everyone !
The first time I listened to
Uriah Heep was in 1972. A friend asked me to listen to "Easy Livin'" . But the song I love most and which made me a Heep fun was "Sunrise". When I heard this song the first time, my whole body was shaking and "tears were in my eyes". And from that moment I became a Heep fun. I collect every bit of information that I can get on the band, pictures, posters, LP's and articles. All of that stuff I saved in an album which I call Now It's Your Turn To Remember. Now I want to share all of it with you, so you can enjoy it as well.

I also have some neat pictures to share with you. They were taken in Israel, and show Uriah Heep playing live with the Goalby-lineup. See here my Israeli Heep Pics.

We were 4 friends, in my childhood, and every one of us loved a different band. One loved
Deep Purple, one loved Zeppelin, I loved Uriah Heep and the last one loved Black Sabbath. Day after day we listened to the music. There was a local band called Hanesharim (The Eagles), playing in a club, that was doing covers and it was the only band we could listen to. In those days foreign bands were not comming to Israel, so we had go to this club every Saturday night and dream of the real bands. That band made wonderful covers of 7 Uriah Heep songs. The songs were "Easy Livin", "July Morning", "Gypsy", "Circle of Hands", "Sweet Lorraine", "Look at Yourself" and "Paradise/The Spell". Only 11 years later Uriah Heep came to Israel and you can read about it in my story "A dinner with the band". Also you can find in that article a picture of me. I am the guy that sits near to Mick Box and looks with him on the poster, at my home. I have 800 LP's of classic rock from the 70's and 80's. I like to listen to LP's and not CD's.
Your's, Moshe Lavi, Israel


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