I Me Mine
By: George Harrison
Published by: Simon & Schuster
1980 Ganga Publishing B.V.

This is George Harrison's Autobiography. It is now out of print but is obtainable through many libraries. The first part of the book is a semi-biography though it is not very detailed. The back of the book is what makes this book so wonderful. It contains the lyrics to George's songs and his memories of how they were written. If you're up for a good search it is definitely worth the effort to find this book.

The Quiet One : A Life of George Harrison
By: Alan Clayson
Published By: Sanctuary Publishing Limited

This book by Alan Clayson is one of the more reliable biographies about George Harrison. Of the two easily obtainable biographies, this is the one to read. It is available for order at most bookstores (in America at least).

Dark Horse : The Life and Times of George Harrison
By: Geoffrey Giuliano
Published By: Da Capo Press

This book is not recommended reading for anyone that wants the true story of George Harrison. The only good thing I can say about it is that it has nice pictures, a good discography with release dates, and a nice family tree. If you still want to get it, it is available for order at most bookstores.

The Illustrated George Harrison
By: Geoffrey Giuliano
Published By: Chartwell Books, Inc.
1993 Something Fishy Productions Ltd.

This books is not worth reading either though the pictures in the book do make up for it. It has great pictures of George throughout his career up until around 1983-1985. This book is out of print however and requires a search to find it.

George Harrison Yesterday and Today
By: Ross Michaels
Published By: Flash Books

This is a little book that was released back in the late 70's (as you can see my copy is a little beat up). The pictures are great though they are all in black and white. Again this book is very hard to find, especially with it's age, so you'll have to do a lot of searching for it.

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