Wonderwall Music
This is the soundtrack to the movie of the same name. All of the songs are instrumentals and have a decided Indian flavour.

Electronic Sound
This album is basically just George playing around with a synthesizer. If you aren't into the avante garde or aren't a completist I wouldn't suggest getting this one. The only way it is available at the moment is as an import which means it is quite expensive as well.

All Things Must Pass
This is probably what most people consider the best album George ever did. Don't let the religious stuff like "My Sweet Lord" throw you (I know a lot of people hate that song) it is the best album out there although a bit pricey for us young broke people since it is a double album.

Concert For Bangladesh
concert of the seventies. This isn't just George. On here we have Bob Dylan, Ringo Starr, Billy Preston, Leon Russel, and backed up by Eric Clapton, Jim Keltner, Klaus Voorman, and Badfinger. The first major concert of the kind. This has brought on things like Band Aid, Farm Aid, etc...

Living In The Material World
What can I say about this other than I love it? Well hmm... I don't know, definately in the top 5 of George's catalouge.

Dark Horse
This album was released just before George's 1974 tour. Though some didn't like the tour the album is wonderful.

Extra Texture
This album is one of subtle layers. It's the type of album to listen to when you want to mellow out or just take some time out to think. It also contains one of my personal favorites "Tired of Midnight Blue".

The Best Of George Harrison
This album is a compilation of what the record company believed was George's best work. Half of the album is made up of his Beatle tunes and the rest of solo. One good thing about this record is that it has the song Bangladesh on it which you won't find on any of George's albums.

33 and 1/3
This is George's first album on Warner Brother's Records. He surprised the critics with these beautiful compositions. It also has the funny song called This Song about his legal battles over My Sweet Lord. This Song also has the nice novelty of including a bit of shouting by members of Monty Python's Flying Circus.

George Harrison
I love this one. It just has a really nice flow to it. My favourite song is on here as well, "Blow Away". This song can get you out of any dark mood you're in if you listen to it enough.

Somewhere In England

Gone Troppo

Cloud Nine

Best Of Dark Horse

Live In Japan

Traveling Wilburys Volume One

Traveling Wilburys Volume Three

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