George Harrison Desktop Theme

Well everyone, I put together for your enjoyment the first George Harrison Theme on the web, or at least I think it's the first. If you don't allready know, to run a desktop theme you need Windows 95 or 98. Second of all you need Microsoft Plus or at least something that is meant to work with desktop themes. Windows 98 comes with a themes utility. If your not sure whether or not you have this then you probably don't, sorry.

Now lets get on with it.

The theme begins with this lovely wallpaper of who else but GEORGE!

Next there are a few lovely icons.


Recycle Full - Recycle Empty - My Computer - Network Neighborhood

And last but not least the om pointer.

There are only three sounds because I personally get really annoyed by them. I haven't included the screen saver with this because it is just one of the ones off of the Microsoft Plus CD-Rom.

You can download the theme here.

I hope everyone enjoys this. Please tell me how you like it.

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