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Well, if you were looking for a Beatles page, you've come to the right place! I would like to dedicate this page to the late, great, John Lennon. His kindness moved a world and his death shook our world to its core. He will always be with us. To John, for the wonderful gift he has given all of us, his music.

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Why do I like the Beatles? Well, that's a very good question. I like them because they had such good music and for their ideas, which for the '60s, were very original. I mean, just look at Abbey Road. They included a hidden track on it, which today, people would marvel at on a CD. "Hey, at the end of my CD, there's another song!". They were the innovators of music in the '60s.   Just look at Sgt. Pepper. The first few albums released had a psychedelic album envelope; the first of it's kind. These are only a few examples of the innovative things they did. And as for the rest,  I'll get into those later.   Back to the original question. I like them because I do. I guess they're like apple jacks that way. We just like them because, we do! Their music has always seemed good to me. I have enjoyed the Beatles from long ago. Granted, I'm only 21, but I can remember lip synching to their songs in my room when I was only five. I thought they were better then anyone else I had ever heard. Yep, that's why I like them.The messages in their songs are so simple and true. They just want to make you feel the same way they did when they wrote them  

Look at them, could you want anything else.  Pompadour, leather jackets.

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