Dave Arbus (violin)

Fantastic violin player (also a multiinstrumentalist - he plays flute, sax and trumpet). He was born on October 8, 1941.

He formed superb band East of Eden in Brighton in 1967.

Dave Arbus (violin)
Geoff Nicholson (guitar)
Steve York (bass)
Ron Caines (sax)
Dave Dufort (drums)
They released Mercator projected. After that, Dave Dufort and Steve York left. This was the new lineup: Dave Arbus (violin)
Geoff Nicholson (guitar)
Andy Sneddon (bass)
Ron Caines (sax)
Geoff Britton (drums)
Their 2nd album was Snafu. Then, Ron Caines also left. This was around 1970.

Next album was East of Eden, with country influences. It was recorded by:

Dave Arbus (violin)
Jim Roche (guitar)
David Jacks (bass)
Their 4th album was called New leaf. Recorded with: Dave Arbus (violin)
Jim Roche (guitar)
David Jacks (bass)
Dave Weller (sax)
Jeff Allen (drums)
After that, Arbus left the band.

At least, two compilations have been released by the band. In 1971, a compilation was released, Jig-a-jig, comprising tracks from their 1st and 2nd albums. Another one was World of East of Eden.

Next band was Fiddler's Dram, in 1972:

Dave Arbus (violin)
Cathy LeSurf (vocals)
Alan Prosser (guitar)
Ian Telfer (violin)
John Taylor (mandolin)
+ others unknown to me. Help, please!

The band was active for some years, but I don't know when Dave Arbus left them (as I think Dave doesn't appear in their album, released in 1978).

In November 1975, Dave reappears with Coxhill Sinclair Band. Dave Arbus was friends with Richard Sinclair back in 1969, when Arbus guested in some Caravan gigs:

Richard Sinclair (vocals, bass)
Lol Coxhill (sax)
Dave Arbus (violin)
Dave MacRae (keyboards)
Phil Howard (drums)
In January 1976, this was the lineup for Sinclair & The South: Richard Sinclair (vocals, bass)
John Murphy (guitar)
David Sinclair ()
Dave Arbus (violin)
Bill Bruford (drums)
And now, we have a big gap! Help here, please!

In 1997, East of Eden comes to life again with 3 original members:

Dave Arbus (violin)
Geoff Nicholson (guitar)
Ron Caines (sax)
They release a new album, Kalipse, with help from bassist Jan Lehne. Even though its moderate success, they release a new one, called Armadillo.

Albums with East of Eden:

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Thanks to: Alex Gitlin, for a couple of East of Eden albums; Peter Heijens, for info on Fiddler's Dram.

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