Aliki Ashman (vocals)

I don't have biographical data about her. First appearance I've traced by her is in Ginger Baker's Airforce. Originally conceived as a one-off association, it finally went through almost two years, with changing lineups. I don't know if there were more lineups with Aliki, but the one I have in a BeatClub appearance is :

Aliki Ashman (vocals)
Diane Stewart (vocals)
Colin Gibson (bass)
Kenny Craddock (keyboards, guitar, vocals)
Steve Gregory (sax, flute)
Bud Beadle (sax)
Graham Bond (sax, keyboards)
Speedy Acquaye (percussion)
Ginger Baker (drums)
They recorded a new album, Ginger Baker's Air Force 2, although 3 songs still feature musicians from previous lineup (Denny Laine, Harold McNair, and Ric Grech).

In 1998, it has been released a 2CD, Do what you like, comprising the whole two Airforce albums, plus an outtake from 2nd album, plus several songs from Ginger Baker's album Stratavarious (featuring Bobby Tench under the pseudonym Bobby Gass).

After that, Aliki Ashman forms Ashman-Reynolds with Harry Reynolds:

Aliki Ashman (vocals)
Harry Reynolds (vocals, bass)
Bob Weston (guitar)
Rod Edwards (keyboards)
Keith Boyce (drums)
They released an album, called Stop-Off, with help in vocals from Liza Strike and Madeline Bell and guest appearance by the great Mickey Keene on guitar. Soon after, they became Long John Baldry's backing band, along with Denny Ball and Ian Armitt. The band were on a package with Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac. This had to be around Winter 1971.
Long John Baldry (vocals)
Aliki Ashman (vocals)
Harry Reynolds (vocals)
Bob Weston (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Rod Edwards (keyboards)
Ian Armitt (Piano)
Keith Boyce (drums)
After the tour finished they made an appearance on “Top of The Pops” BBC show. The band line up for that show included Rod Stewart, Elton John and Lesley Duncan on back-up vocals.

In the summer of 1972, John changed the line-up as people went their separate ways. Aliki and Harry Reynolds kept on playing together as Ashman-Reynolds, but I don't know if they kept the same original lineup. They made some concerts along with Quiver (with Cal Batchelor, Tim Renwick, Bruce Thomas and John 'Willie' Wilson) and also appeared at German BeatClub TV program. I guess they didn't stay too much time together, as Bob Weston joined Fleetwood Mac in September 1972.

And, sadly, I haven't been able to know more about Aliki's musical career, except for some sessions. Help, please!

Things to investigate:

1. There's a singer called Aliki Holland who sings in Dennis O'Brien Any other face, (1979, with Ray Russell, Jim Gannon, Phil Palmer, John Turnbull, Pete Willsher, Gary Taylor, Tommy Eyre, Pete Solley, Raphael Ravenscroft, Richard Burgess, Dave Mattacks, Micky Waller). Might she be the same Aliki Ashman?

2. There's a single credited to Arthur Brown & Aliki. I guess she's the same Aliki Ashman, but I can't be sure. Anybody knows? The single is 'Ooh it takes two to tango / Rocking the boat' (1976).

Some solo singles: Albums by Ginger Baker's Airforce: Albums by Ashman-Reynolds: Some studio sessions:
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