Derek Austin (keyboards)

Fantastic keyboardist (especially on Hammond organ, although very much versed into synthesizers).

First band I know by him is backing reggae singer Jimmy Cliff, but I don't have details about that:

Jimmy Cliff (vocals)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
+ others unknown to me. Help!
Bobby formed Gass in 1970, with Godfrey McLean. After different lineups, this was the personnel who recorded their only album, Gass: Their album has the special collaboration of Peter Green on guitar, and Mel Collins producing. The band split in July 1971.

Soon after, he joins a special lineup of Keef Hartley Band, a sort of big band, in order to record a live album, called Little big band. This was the personnel list:

After the live recording, the band turned into their usual aspect (a quintet), thus Derek Austin leaving them.

In July 1972, he joins fantastic band Caravan:

Pye Hastings (guitar, vocals)
Stuart Evans (bass)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
Geoff Richardson (violin)
Richard Coughlan (drums)
They toured Australia (sharing the bill with Status Quo, Lindisfarne and Slade, among others), and by February 1973, both Austin and Evans left the band. Up to now, there wasn't any recorded material from this lineup, but fortunately, the great CD reissues by the band have unveiled some studio sessions. Three tracks have been added as bonus for the reissue of For girls who grow plump in the night album. One of those bonus tracks was composed by Derek; called 'Derek's long thing'.

Derek backed the great Linda Lewis in some concerts in October 1975:

Linda Lewis (vocals)
Jim Cregan (guitar)
Phil Chen (bass)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
Steve Gregory (sax)
Jeff Seopardie (drums)
Darryl Lee Que (percussion)
Domino (backing vocals)
He also recorded a studio album with her, Woman overboard, with lots of guest players (see below for details).

And then, I haven't been able to trace more bands with him. Anyway, he plays in many sessions.

In the mid 80s, he started working in soundtracks, being Robocop the most famous one.

In 1990, he teams with great ones Big Jim Sullivan and Herbie Flowers in a band called US:

Big Jim Sullivan (guitar)
Herbie Flowers (bass)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
Mike Piggott (violin)
Malcolm Mortimore (drums)
But Mike Piggott soon leaves; the band becomes a quartet:
Big Jim Sullivan (guitar)
Herbie Flowers (bass)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
Malcolm Mortimore (drums)
There's also a great solo album credited to Derek, called Red hot Hammond, that has been officially endorsed by Hammond. The album features this band plus some guests.

Finally, in 1994, Herbie Flowers leaves, and they go separate ways, mostly playing sessions,

But, in 1997, Sullivan and Austin team again; now they change their name to The 3 of US:

Big Jim Sullivan (guitar)
Derek Austin (keyboards)
Malcolm Mortimore (drums)
They stayed together until 1998.

Solo albums: Albums with Gass: Albums with Keef Hartley Band: Albums with Caravan: Albums with Linda Lewis: Soundtracks: Sessions:
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