Jim Avery (bass)

Veteran bassist, he's still around, having played with great people. I don't know biographical data about him, apart than he was born in England.

In mid 1967, he's called to join The Attack, a good band that suffered from many lineup changes:

Richard Sherman (vocals)
John DuCann (guitar)
Jim Avery (bass)
George Watt (keyboards)
Chris Allen (drums)
Jim plays in their last single, 'Neville Thumbcatch / Lady Orange Peel', released in January 1968. These songs later appeared in their compilation, Magic in the air, where Jim Avery can also be heard in a 3rd track, precisely 'Magic in the air'.

Next band was called Hooked, teaming with another member of The Attack, drummer Keith Hodge:

Sandy Lowenthal (vocals)
Chas Cronk (guitar)
Jim Avery (bass)
Keith Hodge (drums, vocals)
After some touring, the band split when all of them joined bigger bands. Jim joins Thunderclap Newman, who had a hit #1 single with 'Something in the air'. The band started touring to promote the single and the album, augmenting their lineup. That's when Jim Avery joins them: They split in 1970.

In 1972, Jim and Terry Stamp form 'subversive' band Third World War. Their original drummer was Paul Olsen. But they changed many band members, and I haven't been able to trace those lineups, so any help would be very appreciated. Their first album was called Third World War.

This was the lineup for their 2nd album with them, Third World War II:

Terry Stamp (vocals, guitar)
John Knightsbridge (guitar)
Jim Avery (bass)
John Hawken (keyboards)
Jim Price (sax)
Craig Collinge (drums)
The band parted ways in 1973.

After that, Jim played in albums by his friends Terry Stamp or John 'Speedy' Keen.

Next project I've been able to trace is Razar:

Grant Stevens (vocals)
Ant Glynne (guitar, vocals)
Jim Avery (bass, vocals)
Gordon Barton (drums)
They released a single, 'Idle rich / One room doom', produced by Kit Lambert.

And now, Terry Stamp tells me that he and Jim Avery are playing and recording together. Great to know!


1. Can anybody help with lineups of Third World War, please?

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