Ron Berg (drums)

First band where I've been able to find Ron is White Rabbitt. This band was commanded by Rod Goodway and Andy Ricknell. They were:

They split soon without recording any material, as leaders Andy and Rod also played at the same time in another band (J.P. Sunshine).

Soon after, Ron joins Blodwyn Pig in November 1968:

They released two albums, Ahead rings out and Getting to this. But in September 1970, the leader Mick Abrahams leaves them to form his own Mick Abrahams Band. He's replaced by two guitarists, Peter Banks (the original guitarist in Yes) and Barry Reynolds.
(fantastic, valuable scan courtesy of Christer Fridhammar)

But, very soon, Banks leave them to form Flash, and Reynolds also leaves. A new guy comes, Larry Wallis (later in UFO and Motorhead), and they change their name to Lancaster's Bombers.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Blodwyn Pig in its original lineup only recorded two studio albums, but now, there are some other albums released, live recordings such as The modern alchemist or Live at the Fillmore West, San Francisco 3rd August 1970. The most recent album released in The basement tapes, featuring some tracks with Ron Berg.

This was the lineup for Lancaster's Bombers:

Later they shortened their name to Lancaster, thus demonstrating who was the leader in the band. But they were a short-lived band. They toured supporting Yes around 1971.
Next band for Ron is Juicy Lucy. At the time he joined (around July 1971), it contained none of the original members (watch my page on Chris Mercer for more details about the band): They were joined by Moody's friend, Bernie Marsden. But Marsden stay in the band was really brief, being substituted by another guitarist: But they finally returned to a quintet soon after. This lineup released next album, Pieces (recorded in December 1971, and produced by Bruce Rowlands). The album included some guests: Ian McLagan (keyboards), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Albert Lee (backing vocals) and Chas Hodges (backing vocals). This was followed by Andy Pyle departure in June 1972, being replaced in the band by Chris Stewart: But soon after, they split. In September 1972, Ron Berg joins mythical band Savoy Brown. Their drummer, Dave Bidwell, had died of heroin overdose. They released one album, Jack the toad. They toured supporting Status Quo, what made a great friendship between Lynton and the Quo boys.

In January 1974, Kim Simmonds reforms the whole lineup, for his Boogie Brothers famous lineup (check out my Miller Anderson bio page), so all the musicians are fired.

I don't know about Ron from 1974 to 1978. Any help will be very appreciated.

Around 1977, he appears in a new band, called Remus Down Boulevard, with old mate Dennis Stratton:

The band appears in a collective live album called Live: a week at the Bridge E16, recorded at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London. The album is shared with several more bands: Jackie Lynton's Happy Days, Gerry McAvoy Jam, Salt, Filthy McNasty (featuring Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Geoff Whitehorn, Billy Kristian, Mike Walker and Clive Edwards), and Roll Ups. Remus Down Boulevard are featured in 2 tracks: 'Only for you' and 'Gunrunner'. But, as I don't have this album, I can't tell if Ron Berg appears there (as Remus Down Boulevard had different drummers). The band even recorded a live album at The Marquee, which still remains unreleased.

Around 1978, Stratton and Ron Berg are called by Pyle and Gosling (who had left The Kinks) to form a new band, called United:

and finally, Dennis Stratton didn't stay in the group (he went later to Iron Maiden, and Lionheart with Rocky Newton and Frank Noon). When they got the final lineup, they decided to change their name to Network.

Network was the name for Ron's next band. Formed in May 1978, under the ashes of United. Ron rejoins with an old mate from Juicy Lucy, Dave Tedstone:

They recorded an album, but it remained unreleased for some reason. They split around 1979.

I don't know about Ron from 1979 to 1984. Any help will be very appreciated.

Around 1984, we find Ron Berg again, this time playing in Mick Clarke Band:

They recorded one album, Looking for trouble.

And I don't have more data about Ron. Help, please!!

 Albums with Blodwyn Pig: Albums with Juicy Lucy:
  • Pieces (1972; CD reissue: 1997) (with Paul Williams, Micky Moody, Andy Pyle, Jean Roussel, Ian McLagan, Mick Weaver, Chas Hodges)
  • Albums with Savoy Brown:
  • Jack the toad (Jun 73, with Andy Pyle, Paul Raymond, Jackie Lynton, Sue Glover, Sunny Leslie, Frank Ricotti)
  • Albums with Mick Clarke Band:
  • Looking for trouble (1984)
  • Other albums:
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