This is the list of the sessions I know Bryson Graham appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Tim Rose This album was produced by Gary Wright, who also plays keyboards. He brought his band Wonderwheel with him to play here: Mick Jones (guitar), Archie Legget (bass), Bryson Graham (drums).
Gerry Laffy
This is the first solo album from guitarist in Girl. Featuring brother Simon Laffy (bass, vocals), plus Tony Forsythe (bass), John Taylor (bass), Dave Rose (keyboards), Bryson Graham (drums), Steve Barnacle (drums), Slim Jim Phantom (drums, from Stray Cats), Rick Parnell (drums).
No, no, Bryson never played with Foreigner. It's only that this 2CD compilation also has solo tracks from both Lou Gramm and Mick Jones, and it also includes some Spooky Tooth tracks, featuring Bryson. Just for completion, some other musicians appearing in the album that will be covered someday in my Olympus: Ian Hunter (keyboards, vocals), Nils Lofgren (guitar), Gary Wright (keyboards, vocals), Richard Cottle (keyboards), Schuyler Deale (bass), Felix Krish (bass), Dave Lebolt (keyboards), Eddie Martinez (guitar), Bob Mayo (keyboards), Ian MacDonald (sax, flute), Mike Patto (vocals), Mark Rivera (sax), Chrissie Stewart (bass), Terry Thomas (guitar, keyboards), Bruce Turgon (bass), Mike Kellie (drums), etc.

Steve Hyams This album was recorded in 1974, and it was released under a very small exposure. Fortunately, it has been reissued on CD with many bonus tracks recorded some years later. The original tracks featured Bruce Irvine (guitar), Nic Potter (bass) and Bryson Graham (drums). The newer tracks feature Bob Weston (guitar), Morgan Fisher (keyboards), the superb Norman Watt-Roy (bass) and the late Charlie Charles (drums).
A solo album by this fantastic keyboardist. Featuring Snuffy Walden (guitar), the fantastic Janne Schaffer (guitar), Terry Wilson (bass, guitar), Tetsu Yamauchi (bass), Tony Braunagel (drums), Bryson Graham (drums).
Duffy Power
Exciting veteran from the 60s British r'n'b scene. This album is full of great guests: Alexis Korner (vocals), Dana Gillespie (vocals), Boz Burrell (vocals), Graham Jones (guitar), Martin Kershaw (guitar), Mike Thompson (bass), Alan James (bass), Mike Giles (drums), Bryson Graham (drums), Chris Bailey (drums), Pete Ahern (drums), Ray Cooper (percussion).
Richard Dobson
Sorry, I don't know who he is. This album features Mickey White (guitar), Paul Hamilton (bass, guitar), Joe Dugan (keyboards), Bryson Graham (drums), Jerry Barnett (drums), among others.
Jim Capaldi
He's the legendary member of Traffic.

Fierce heart features Jim's mate Steve Winwood, as well as Van Morrison, John Mizzarolli (guitar), Peter Bonas (guitar, bass), Jim Leverton (bass), Chris Parren (keyboards), Mel Collins (sax), Geoff Driscoll (sax), Martin Drover (trumpet), Bryson Graham (drums), Ray Allen (sax), and vocals by Stevie Lange, Simon Bell.

One man mission features Steve Marriott, Carlos Santana (guitar), Neil Hubbard (guitar), Snowy White (guitar), Peter Bonas (guitar), Colin Pincott (guitar), John Giblin (bass), Jim Leverton (bass), Alan Spenner (bass), Chris Parren (keyboards), Godfrey Wang (keyboards), Pete Harris (keyboards), Bryson Graham (drums), Simon Kirke (drums), Orestes Vilato (percussion, from Santana band), Ray Allen (percussion), and backing vocals by Stevie Lange, Simon Bell, Kenny Lynch.

Neil I don't have too much info about him. He's Nigel Planer, using the "Neil" pseudonym. This album features Jakko (guitar), Dave Stewart (keyboards), Jimmy Hastings (flute), Annie Whitehead (trombone), Bryson Graham (drums), Pip Pyle (drums), Gavin Harrison (drums), and backing vocals by Barbara Gaskin. 
Dave Stewart & Barbara Gaskin
I always thought it was an unusual team, but it worked quite fine, I must say. This album features heavy guests: Amanda Parsons (vocals), Phil Miller (guitar), Jakko (guitar), Ed Poole (bass), Pip Pyle (drums), Bryson Graham (drums), Andy Duncan (drums), Bill Bruford (percussion).


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