Robbie Blunt (guitar)

Fantastic guitarist, very underrated. He started in a band called Southern Sound, that released a single in 1966. Then, he joined Butch Clutch & The Excellerators.

Bronco was a superb band formed by powerful singer Jess Roden, in 1970:

Jess Roden (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (guitar)
Kevin Gammond (guitar)
John Pasternak (bass)
Pete Robinson (drums)
Their first album, Country home, features Clifford T. Ward guesting on vocals. Their 2nd album was Ace of sunlight, recorded with help from Trevor Lucas (vocals), Mick Ralphs (guitar), Ian Hunter (keyboards).

Around 1972, Roden and Blunt left the band. Robbie joined Silverhead, replacing their original guitarist, Steve Forest:

Michael Des Barres (vocals)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Rod Davies (guitar, vocals)
Nigel Harrison (bass)
Pete Thompson (drums)
They released a 2nd album, Sixteen and savaged, but the band broke up in 1974.

Then, Robbie formed several short-lived bands, but I can't find proper info about them. Help, please!

Around 1976, Stan Webb (leader of Chicken Shack) starts a new project, Broken Glass:

Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Bob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
They released a self-titled album, Broken Glass, with help from Miller Anderson, and produced by Tony Ashton. But in 1977, Stan Webb resurrected Chicken Shack, keeping Robbie with him: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Paul Martinez (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
They recorded an album, The creeper, with help from Tony Ashton.  After a while, Martinez left, and his replacement is Ray Knott: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Ray Knott (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
but Knott left the band very soon. That's when Steve York joined, in 1978: Stan Webb (vocals, guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals, guitar)
Steve York (bass)
Dave Winthrop (sax)
Ed Spevock (drums)
This lineup released the album That's the way we are. In 1979, all the members left the band. He joined a band called Little Acre for some months.

Around 1979-1980, he joined Steve Gibbons Band. The lineups were very diverse, as many friends of Gibbons came to play when they were available. A new album is released in 1980, with this lineup:

The album was called Street parade. There are two different editions, as the German release hasn't the same tracks as the British release.

In March 1981, he's called by old friend Robert Plant to play in a solo project, called The Honeydrippers:

3 years later (in 1984) they released a mini-LP, but I don't have it, so I can't know if Robbie is featured there. Does anybody know?

The Honeydrippers mini-tour finished in June 1983, and two months later, Robert Plant decides starting his own solo career. He forms his own Robert Plant Band, taking Robbie with him:


Pictures at eleven was recorded with help from Cozy Powell and Phil Collins on drums, as well as Raf Ravenscroft on sax. The live tour in 1983 shows Phil Collins guesting on the drum stool:

Next album was The principle of moments, recorded with Phil Collins and Barriemore Barlow on drums.

In 1984, the drummer is Richie Hayward (from Little Feat), and they increase the live lineup with Bob Mayo, who acted as additional guitarist and keyboardist.

Shaken'n'stirred was recorded when Bob Mayo had left. But Plant sees how all the musicians leave him in October 1985.

In 1998, we find him in Julian Lennon's band:


Albums with Bronco:

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