This is the list of the sessions I know Bernie Marsden appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Cozy Powell
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Over the top is a killer album. The complete personnel list is:

All the tracks are fantastic, as well as musicianship. The thanks section mentions Roger Glover and Neil Murray. The album was produced by Martin Birch. All the songs are instrumental, but they funnily write: 'lyrics enclosed'.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Tilt was recorded during Spring 1981, with lots of former bandmates. The complete personnel list is:

I love this album. Bernie Marsden plays in (also co-writes) a song, the beautiful 'Living a lie'.

The best of is a compilation, and that's why Bernie appears here, in the track 'Theme One', taken from Over the top. 

Jon Lord
(CD reissue on RPM label, with a different cover)
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This album by Deep Purple and Whitesnake keyboardist contains an all-star lineup: Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Ian Paice, Cozy Powell, Tony Ashton, Mick Ralphs, Boz Burrell & Simon Kirke (from Bad Company), Simon Phillips, plus Elmer Gantry (vocals, from Stretch), and Vicky & Sam Brown on backing vocals. I like this album a lot!

Forcefield This was a studio-only project, where Cozy Powell was involved with Ray Fenwick. They released 4 albums, plus a compilation.

The personnel in Let the wild run free includes Graham Bonnet (vocals), Ray Fenwick (guitar), Cozy Powell (drums), with guest musicians, such as old mate Bernie Marsden (guitar).

In 1992, Instrumentals was released. It's a compilation, but including 5 previously unreleased tracks out of 9. With Jan Akkerman, Ray Fenwick, Bernie Marsden, Mario Parga, Don Airey and Cozy Powell. 

Micky Moody Bernie's buddy through many bands and years. This album features almost the whole Company of Snakes lineup: Bernie Marsden (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Don Airey (keyboards), John Lingwood (drums), plus great guests: Paul Jones (vocals), Andy Pyle (bass), Henry Spinetti (drums). The album has been produced by Bernie Marsden. 

Chick Churchill Chick Churchill was (and still is) the keyboardist in Ten Years After. This was his solo album. With some surprises in it: Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies (both from Supertramp), Gary Pickford Hopkins (vocals, later with Rick Wakeman), Bernie Marsden (guitar), Martin Barre (guitar, from Jethro Tull), Cozy Powell (drums), plus his companions in Ten Years After: Leo Lyons (bass) and brother Ric Lee (drums). 
Bridget St. John
This album by this folkie artist was produced by Leo Lyons (from Ten Years After), also featuring Chick Churchill and Bernie Marsden, as well as members of Jethro Tull and King Crimson. 
Barbi Benton
Barbi Benton was a very beatiful model who used to pose for Playboy. She also recorded some albums. This one was produced by Roger Glover, and it features Bernie Marsden. 

K2 K2  was a project by Kornell Kovach, Yugoslavian keyboardist. K2 lineup is:
Kornell Kovach (keyboards)
Linda Jardim (vocals)
Colin Hodgkinson (bass)
Paul Robinson (drums)
They released the album Why. With two special guests: Bernie Marsden (guitar) and Ray Russell (guitar). The album was recorded in London during February/March 1980. Mostly co-written by Kovach and producer/engineer Peter McNamee. It says: "keyboards supplied by Rod Argent Keyboards" (he owns a keyboard store). 
Air Pavilion
They are a Japanese band. This album was co-produced by singer Lea Hart (from Fastway), so Lea brought some of his usual partners to play in the album: Scott Gorham (guitar), Fast Eddie Clarke (guitar), Bernie Marsden (guitar), Paul Quinn (guitar), Paul Chapman (guitar), Andy Scott (guitar), Chris O'Shaughnessy (guitar), Toby Sadler (keyboards), Don Airey (keyboards), Tim Carter (bass), Nigel Glockler (drums), plus vocals by John Sloman, Biff Byford, Paul DiAnno, Kim McAuliffe and Chris Bonacci.

Headmistress Bernie plays on the B-side. 
Walter Trout Band
Walter Trout is a guitar virtuoso who once played in John Mayall band. This solo album features guest appearances by Bernie Marsden (backing vocals; he also co-writes a song, 'Somebody's cryin'') and Micky Moody (guitar). Album produced by great producer Tony Platt. 
Peer Gynt
A Norwegian blues guitarist. This album features Bernie only as a writer (he doesn't play here), as he co-writes 8 tracks with Peer!
Bernie appears here.  

Blonde on blonde This was a band by drummer Willy Bendiksen, who later joined Bernie Marsden in The Snakes. The album also features Don Airey on keyboards. 

(Spanish edition of this 2LP)

A double live album recorded live from that festival, although this is not 100% true. Some tracks weren't really recorded there (the UFO track, for example. They even didn't play there!). There are two different editions of the album. Some albums include a Whitesnake track, while my edition includes a Twister Sister track (two tracks by them, really). The list of bands featured is: Whitesnake (a track from 1979), Terraplane, Marillion, Jackie Lynton, Budgie, Chinatown, Randy California, Stampede, Michael Schenker Group (with Chris Glen), Just Good Friends, UFO (a track from 1980), Grand Prix, and Spider. Bernie Marsden & SOS play the song 'SOS'. By the way, that festival also held the appearance of a Spanish band, Baron Rojo, although they aren't featured in this album. 

VV.AA. A guitar fest. Lots of guitarists, of course: Harvey Mandel (from John Mayall and Canned Heat), Robin Trower (from Procol Harum, with a great solo career; here backed by Dave Bronze), Frank Marino, Bernie Marsden, Hank Marvin (from The Shadows), Tony Iommi (from Black Sabbath), Pete Haycock (from Climax Blues Band), Jan Akkerman (from Focus and Forcefield), etc. With several backing musicians, some of them from the same bands of the guitarists. With Jaz Lochrie (bass), Geoff Nicholls (keyboards, from Black Sabbath), Peter Van Hooke (drums), Jim Copley (drums) and Cozy Powell (drums).  
Original soundtrack This soundtrack features Bernie Marsden singing the song 'A woman like that', co-written by Jeff Lynne (from ELO fame) and lovely singer Rosie Vela, with Ian LaFresnais. Other performers in the album are Jimmy Nail, Billy Connolly. It also includes a song written by Guy Pratt.
VV.AA. - Tribute to Whitesnake
A well-deserved tribute to a great band. And who better to play there than some of the old members? :) Produced by Lea Hart, the album features Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Steve Grimmett and many others. Details to be added soon.

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