Keith Boyce (drums)

Powerful drummer.

Around 1971, Aliki Ashman forms Ashman-Reynolds with Harry Reynolds:

Aliki Ashman (vocals)
Harry Reynolds (vocals, bass)
Bob Weston (guitar)
Rod Edwards (keyboards)
Keith Boyce (drums)
They released an album, called Stop-Off, with help in vocals from Liza Strike and Madeline Bell and guest appearance by the great Mickey Keene on guitar. Soon after, they became Long John Baldry's backing band, along with Denny Ball and Ian Armitt. The band were on a package with Savoy Brown and Fleetwood Mac. This had to be around Winter 1971.
Long John Baldry (vocals)
Aliki Ashman (vocals)
Harry Reynolds (vocals)
Bob Weston (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Rod Edwards (keyboards)
Ian Armitt (Piano)
Keith Boyce (drums)
After the tour finished they made an appearance on “Top of The Pops” BBC show. The band line up for that show included Rod Stewart, Elton John and Lesley Duncan on back-up vocals.

In the summer of 1972, John changed the line-up as people went their separate ways.

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(from left to right: Cosmo, Keith, Gary, Ronnie, Danny)

The band Heavy Metal Kids was formed by the late singer and actor Gary Holton, the guitarist Mickey Waller, bass player Ronnie Thomas, drummer Keith Boyce and Danny Peyronel, around 1974.

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(from left to right: Ronnie, Mickey, Danny, Gary, Keith)

A short note: this guitarist is not the same Mickey Waller that I've covered in my pages. The one Mickey Waller I've covered is a drummer, while this one is guitarist.
More photos by Heavy Metal Kids in my page about Danny Peyronel.

(from left to right: Mickey, Gary, Keith, Ronnie, Danny)

They made one album with this lineup: Heavy Metal Kids (highly influential to the Punk movement started in 1977, and a prized collector item in Europe ever since).

Later, they change guitarist:

They release their second album, Anvil chorus, although this one was released under the monicker The Kids. It featured Phil Kenzie (sax, from Rod Stewart band), and Madeline Bell on vocals.

In 1975, Danny Peyronel leaves them to join UFO, being replaced by John Sinclair (recommended by Danny, and later a member of Uriah Heep in their 1982 lineup).

He gets a call in 1976 from old mates Mickey Waller (now re-baptized as Micky Finn) and Bob Weston to help them with a new project with Phil May, called Phil May & The Fallen Angels. Their drummer, the mythical Twink Adler had a crash, and Keith came in their help for their initial showcase: But after that gig, Keith didn't join (Weston and Ridley also left), staying with Heavy Metal Kids. More info about this band can be found in my pages about Brian Johnston.

After the Heavy Metal Kids separation in January 1978, he formed part of the trio Battleaxe in June 1978:

After releasing a single, they changed their name to Bram Tchaikovsky: Their next release was an album called Strange man changed man., produced by Bram's old mate Nick Garvey (they played together in The Motors). It contains guest appearance by Mike Oldfield playing tubular bells.

They toured a lot, supporting artists such as Rory Gallagher, Uriah Heep and Suzi Quatro. But Keith left them before their 2nd album was recorded.

Around 1980, he joins mythical band Savoy Brown:

They released Rock'n'roll warriors, with help from Keith's old mate, John Sinclair on keyboards, plus Riba Gleich on backing vocals. The CD reissue contains 3 live bonus tracks.

It was followed by a live album called Greatest hits - Live in concert. Many years later, another live record was released in 1999 by this lineup. It's called The Bottom Line Encore Collection, recorded live in 1981 too.

And then, I have a very big gap in Keith Boyce's musical history. I think he went to live in France. In 1999, he's part of Gary Joe Weise Trio:


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