Dave Caswell (trumpet, flugelhorn)

I can't hide that Keef Hartley Band is one of my favourite groups. Little by little, I'm going to include all their members in my site.

Dave Caswell was born in Birmingham on March 1, 1946.

When they were recording their third album, The time is near, Dave joins Keef Hartley Band:

Dino Dines comes back to the band for a while. But the new members don't stay long time in the band, and they leave the band in December 1970, after recording some superb sessions for BBC Radio 1. Dave still appears in their forthcoming album, Overdog.

Dave Caswell has played many times with Tony Ashton. As far as I know, first time was when Ashton Gardner & Dyke.

After leaving Family, Tony Ashton teamed with his mate Jon Lord. They recorded an album with lots of friends and guests, First of the big bands. Some guests in the album are: Jim Cregan (guitar), Jerry Donahue (guitar), Peter Frampton (guitar), Pat Donaldson (bass), Dick Parry (sax), Howie Casey (horns), Dave Caswell (trumpet), Mike Davies (trumpet), John Mumford (trombone), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Carmine Appice (drums), Terry Cox (drums), Ian Paice (drums), and backing vocals by Madeline Bell, Tony Ferguson, Jimmy Helms, Kenny Rowe, Graham White, Joanne Williams, Roger Willis. The album was released in March 1974, but some months later, Ashton & Lord wanted to play a live concert to promote it. That's when they assemble an all-star lineup:

Tony Ashton (vocals, keyboards)
Jon Lord (keyboards)
Jim Cregan (guitar)
Ray Fenwick (guitar)
Pat Donaldson (bass)
Howie Casey (sax)
Dave Caswell (trumpet)
Mike Davis (trumpet)
Dick Parry (sax)
John Mumford (trombone)
Frank Ricotti (percussion, vibes)
Ian Paice (drums)
Carmine Appice (drums)
Graham White (vocals)
Jimmy Helms (vocals)
Kenny Rowe (vocals)
Madeline Bell (vocals)
Tony Ferguson (vocals)
Jo-Anne Williams (vocals)
Roger Willis (vocals)
The concert was held on September 15th, 1974. A live album from those concerts was released almost 20 years later. It's BBC Radio One Live in concert.

Other sessions with Ashton were albums by John Entwistle or Paice Ashton & Lord, as we can read below.

I still need to check if Dave Caswell (and Dick Parry and Howie Casey) played with John Entwistle's Ox only as sessionmen, or if they also toured with the band. Check if they also toured with Roy Young Band.

In the mid 70s (probably around 1975), he plays with Les Humphries Singers, a good band that had great singers. By that time, they included the magnificent John Lawton (later to join Uriah Heep):

In 1979, we can find Dave playing with Rick Wakeman & His Band:
In the nineties, he has also had a band called Pentagon, with another great horn player, Dave Quincy:


1. Was Dave a member of a band called The Agency, around 1985?

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