Very powerful drummer, he has played with many great bands, as we're going to read.


This band existed in the late 60s.

They released a single, 'Ultrastan / Wildlife'. There were projects of a complete album, that was to feature heavy guests such as Ian Gillan and Peter Frampton, but it never happened, and the band finally split.


Fantastic guitarist, he always had great musicians. Clive was called to replace Nico McBrain (who left to join the Jenny Darren Band, currently in Iron Maiden):

Makin' magic is a superb album, recorded with some guests: Glenn Hughes (vocals), Brian Robertson (guitar), Pete Solley (keyboards), plus ex-members Nicko McBrain (drums) and Roy Dyke (drums).

For their 1977 tour, they add a 2nd guitarist, Mick Dyche:

There's also a live album with tracks recorded with different lineups: Live in concert. 4 tracks from the above lineup, recorded in July 1977, and there are 9 tracks recorded live in the 1980 Reading Festival (with Pat Travers, Mars Cowling, plus Pat Thrall (guitar), and Tommy Aldridge (drums)).


A band for great singer Chris Thompson.

In April 1978, they played at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London. It was released a collective live album, Live: a week at the Bridge E16, shared with several more bands: Jackie Lynton's Happy Days, Gerry McAvoy Jam, Salt, Remus Down Boulevard and Roll Ups. Filthy McNasty are featured in 3 tracks.

The band appears in a collective live album called Live: a week at the Bridge E16, recorded at The Bridge House, Canning Town, London. The album is shared with several more bands: Jackie Lynton's Happy Days, Gerry McAvoy Jam, Salt, Filthy McNasty (featuring Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange, Geoff Whitehorn, Billy Kristian, Mike Walker and Clive Edwards), and Roll Ups. Remus Down Boulevard are featured in 2 tracks: 'Only for you' and 'Gunrunner'. But, as I don't have this album, I can't tell if Ron Berg appears there (as Remus Down Boulevard had different drummers). The band even recorded a live album at The Marquee, which still remains unreleased.

This band evolved quickly into Night in November 1978 (with Chris Thompson, Stevie Lange and Billy Kristian), with Robbie McIntosh instead of Geoff.

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Stevie Lange
Billy Kristian
Mike Walker
Clive Edwards
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Chris Thompson


This was the band formed by guitar virtuoso Uli Jon Roth after leaving Scorpions. He formed a power trio, in the style of Jimi Hendrix:

They released Earthquake, recorded between November 1978 and January 1979.

Their next album was called Firewind.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The first news about Brian Robertson and Jimmy Bain making plans for a joint project, Wild Horses, arise in March 1977. After several lineup changes, especially in the drum seat, Clive Edwards joins them:

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This was the lineup that recorded The first album, produced by Trevor Rabin. After several tours (where they had some special guests from time to time, such as Phil Lynott or Michael Schenker), Neil Carter left them in October 1980 to join UFO:

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

They released a 2nd album, Stand your ground. But the group's stability was damaged when Brian 'Robbo' Robertson and Clive Edwards left the band in June 1981.


Around 1981-1982, guitarist John Lockton recorded some demos with singer Gary Barden:

Lockton also played in some demos with bassist Neil Murray, but I don't know if they're the same demos as with Gary Barden. Anybody knows? Also, I'd like to know if this was intended to be a proper band, or just recording demos.


A new project by Bernie:

I can't find accurate info about this band, so any help would be very welcomed! They played at Reading Festival in August 1982. One live track appears in the collective album Reading Rock (see Bernie sessions page for more details). And seven live songs from this lineup also appeared in Bernie's own The Friday Rock Show Sessions (see below).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

The Friday Rock Show Sessions is a live album compiling two different concerts. Four tracks were recorded by Bernie Marsden & friends (Bernie Marsden, David Coverdale, Neil Murray, Don Airey, Simon Phillips) at that radio show in 1981. Seven tracks were recorded at Reading Festival 1982 by Bernie Marsden's SOS (Bernie Marsden, Robert Hawthorn, Steve Cherry, Richard Bailey, Clive Edwards), including a guest appearance by Micky Moody in one track.

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Dave Berry


A major change happens in the band when Reuben Archer and Frank Noon abandon the band before in June 1981, to join Wild Horses (with Laurence Archer. More info about Wild Horses in my pages about Jimmy Bain). Surprisingly, the new drummer, Clive Edwards, also came from the band Wild Horses.

Vocal duties are shared between Stratton and Rocky. But the drum seat was never too permanent in the band. After some time (help with additional info will be welcomed!), Clive Edwards joins Grand Prix, and here he comes a veteran musician, Les Binks.

Many years later, in 1999, another album was released, comprising old, unreleased tracks. It's called Unearthed - Raiders of the lost archives, comprising 30 tracks, ranging from December 1981 to September 1985. Obviously, different lineups are featured here. Dennis Stratton, Rocky Newton and Steve Mann play in all tracks, and other featured musicians are: Clive Edwards (drums), Bob Hawthorn (vocals), Chad Brown (vocals), Phil Lanzon (keyboards), Nicko McBrain (drums), Bob Jenkins (drums), Bruce Bisland (drums) and Andy Bierne (drums).


This mythical band had a new lineup in 1998:

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

They released the album High stakes & dangerous men. Don Airey played in the album, produced by Kit Woolven, and recorded in 1991. Other guests: Terry Reid, Stevie Lange and Nic Holland on backing vocals. The Japanese edition contains a bonus track.

They toured in 1991, including a keyboardist. By the way, the first concert of the tour was in Spain!

A live album was also released: Lights out in Tokyo. Finally, the lineup split at the end of 1992.



1. I need to find info about his stays in the bands Berlin, Grand Prix and Bronz.

2. Did he ever play with Thin Lizzy in some TV appearance (by the time Dave Flett was with them)?


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