Brian Chatton (keyboards)

Keyboard virtuoso, to me he never achieved the appreciation he deserved. His career started during the 60s. He was a member of The Warriors, with a singer that later achieved enormous fame and fortune: Jon Anderson (vocalist in Yes).

The band started in 1963, and they were initially based in Accrington. They released a single for Decca label, before splitting in 1967.

Brian's next project also included a guy destined to be worldwide famous, drummer Phil Collins. The band was Flaming Youth:

They were managed by Ken Howard / Alan Blaikey team, and were originally formed to serve as backing band for John Walker (from Walker Brothers), but they went their own way instead. They released an album, Ark 2. After a while, they augmented the lineup: All in all, they were together for two years and a half, until Collins joined Genesis in August 1970.

Jackson Heights was a band formed by Lee Jackson (ex-The Nice). After a first album, lineup changed, and Brian Chatton joined the band:

They released 5th avenue bus in 1972. It was followed by Ragamuffin's fool and Bump and grind in 1973. All the albums featured guest drummer Mike Giles.

Around 1974, he joined superb band Snafu, replacing Pete Solley (who joined Procol Harum):

Bobby Harrison (vocals, percussion)
Micky Moody (guitar)
Colin Gibson (bass)
Brian Chatton (keyboards)
Terry Popple (drums)
But Chatton leaves very soon (being replaced by Tim Hinkley). But Snafu's third album, All funked up, still contains contributions by Brian Chatton, with help from Mel Collins (sax), backing vocals by Liza Strike and Viola Wills.

In 1975, Andy Mackay (from Roxy Music) is asked to compose the music for a TV series, "Rock follies", about a female trio (one of the singers was the marvellous Julie Covington). Andy composed the music, but a stable band was formed to play all the music as well as appearing in the series. This band was:

Ray Russell (guitar)
Tony Stevens (bass)
Brian Chatton (keyboards)
Peter Van Hooke (drums)
Àndy Mackay (sax)
An album was released from those performances, called Rock follies.

He joined John Miles band in December 1977 (replacing Gary Moberley):

John Miles (vocals, guitar)
Bob Marshall (bass)
Brian Chatton (keyboards)
Barry Black (drums)
Next project was an awesome one, The All Star Rock Band. What a lineup!! Sadly, they only played a one-off concert (at 'Live Music Show' in London, in July 1979), but didn't record any material.

Then Chatton then returned to John Miles Band.

In 1981, Brian Chatton wrote a song for mythical band The Hollies, 'Take my love and run'. It was a hit, and Brian was asked to play with them in TV appearances promoting the album:

Due to success, Brian Chatton also wrote more songs for The Hollies' next album, who marked Graham Nash reunion with his old mates. The album is What goes around. Brian also acted as producer here.

Around 1984, she also toured with Meatloaf as part of his backing band Nevada Express:

His next project was the band Boys Don't Cry. Mostly a joint project with singer Nick Richards, they had a very good live lineup: They released several albums, having a big hit with the song 'I wanna be a cowboy'.

He has also recorded or toured with Eric Burdon, Pat Travers, Keith Emerson, . He also announced a project called 'Uzlot', with Jon Anderson and Stuart Hamm, but I never knew if it finally materialized.

As composer, he wrote Sheena Easton's hit 'Madness, money and music'.

Own albums:

Library albums: Albums by Flaming Youth: Albums by Jackson Heights: Albums by Snafu: Albums by Rock Follies: Albums with John Miles: Albums with Boys Don't Cry: Some studio sessions:
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