Laura Creamer (backing vocals)

In 1988, it seems she was a member of a band called The Lost Toy People. She has also sang live with Thomas Dolby.

In 1996, she returns to Bob Seger Band again:

Bob Seger (vocals, guitar)
Tim Mitchell (guitar)
Mark Chatfield (guitar)
Chris Campbell (bass)
Craig Frost (keyboards)
Bill Payne (keyboards)
Tim Cashion (keyboards)
Alto Reed (sax)
Kenny Aaronoff (drums)
Shaun Murphy (backing vocals)
Laura Creamer (backing vocals)
Karen Newman (backing vocals)
Ah, a curious note: don't bash me, but I was a fan of TV-series "Melrose Place". In 1998, part of the plot was based in a jazz club, so every day, a different artist appeared for a few seconds. I remember watching superb bassist Abraham Laboriel appearing several times. Well, well, what am I telling that? Well, in one episode, Laura Creamer & Jim Brickman were featured for some moments. Small world...

More TV-related news. Laura Creamer performs in the beautiful song 'Bonny Portmore', in an episode from the TV-series Highlander (the music composer for the series is Roger Bellon). This song is available on the album Highlander - The series, volume II. Laura sings several songs in this CD.

Regarding sessions, she appears in many credits along with a certain Mark Creamer...

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