Kirk Duncan (keyboards)

Keyboardist, also a gifted composer.

First band I've been able to trace with him was The Mirage, around 1965:

There were changes in the band (Jeff Peters would replace Dee Murray at some point). They released 7 singles from 1965 to 1969. When they split, some of the members formed a new band, called Portobello Explosion, but I haven't been able to know if Kirk went with them.

In 1972, he joins mythical Joe Brown in his new band, Brown's Home Brew, along with Joe's wife, the great, late Vicki Brown:

They released their first album, Brown's Home Brew, also featuring Pete Oakman on bass. After that, the band changed completely, and Kirk left.

After that, I haven't been able to trace more bands with Kirk. But he remained active as session player, mostly with his mates Ray Glynn and Nicky James.


1. Was Kirk a member of Jawbone and/or Portobello Explosion?

2. Was Kirk ever considered to be a member of Spencer Davis Group?

3. Kirk is mentioned in the fantastic album Guitar Orchestra by Mick Grabham & Tim Renwick. Did he maybe play there, uncredited?

4. Was Kirk the other half of The Jamesons (along with Nicky James)?

Albums with Brown's Home Brew: Sessions (as keyboardist): Credits (as composer):
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