Mick Dyche (guitar)
His name isn't famous for most people, but if you dig into credits (oh, I love doing that!), you can find him in more places that you could probably remember. This is what I know about Mick Dyche:

This was the lineup for the band Harlot, formed in January 1974:

Jimmy Bain left the band in July 1975, when he got a call from Ritchie Blackmore, but I don't know if the band split or if it kept on going with a new bassist. Any info would be very appreciated.

Wild Turkey was a band formed by Glenn Cornick (ex-Jethro Tull). After some lineup changes, Mick Dyche replaced one of the original members, Jon Blackmore, in order to record their 2nd album, called Turkey.

When Gary Tweke Lewis left, they recruited Bernie Marsden. This was around 1973: Next album was Don't dare to forget.

Then, drummer Jeff Jones left them, being replaced by Kevin Currie:

Lately, some live albums have appeared. Live in Edinburgh was recorded live in 1973, by the lineup with Jeff Jones.

Final performance features the lineup with Kevin Currie. It was recorded on June 1974, plus 3 tracks from June 1973.

There's also a new album with unreleased tracks, called Rarest turkey. It features different lineups, and among others: Gary Pickford-Hopkins, Glenn Cornick, Bernie Marsden, Mick Dyche, Morgan Fisher, Gary 'Tweke' Lewis, Jon Blackmore, Kevin Currie, Steve Gurl, etc.


Pat Travers is a fantastic guitarist, and he always had great musicians. For his 1977 tour, they add a 2nd guitarist, Mick Dyche:

There's also a live album with tracks recorded with different lineups: Live in concert. 4 tracks from the above lineup, recorded in July 1977, and there are 9 tracks recorded live in the 1980 Reading Festival (with Pat Travers, Mars Cowling, plus Pat Thrall (guitar), and Tommy Aldridge (drums)).

In 1978, he's part of Snips backing band, Video Kings. Snips was the singer in Sharks. The Video Kings were:

They released the album Video King.

Also in 1978, we can find Mick Dyche also playing with the band Sniff'n'The Tears. It started as a project by singer Paul Roberts in 1977. But, when he got a contract to make an album, he assembled a band:

They released the album Fickle heart (1978), that included their biggest hit, 'Driver's seat'.

with his lineup:

He also plays in The game's up (1979). The lineup in 1980 was: In 1982, he appears in the album Hooked on winning, credited to The Maddy Prior Band. It was recorded by: Next album by her was called Going for glory, this time credited to Maddy Prior & The Answers, although the band is the same(!): Recorded with help from Annie Lennox (vocals), Steve King (accordian), Howard Evans (trumpet), Roger Williams (trombone).

In 1993, Mick reunites with some of his old mates in Sniff'n'The Tears, in the band McCalla (fronted by great singer Noel McCalla):

They released two albums, Push & pull (with contributions by Jim Mullen, among others), and Hot from the smoke (with help from Ian Maidman on bass).

Apart from that, he has also worked with Joan Armatrading, Hank Wangford and Paul Brady.

Albums with Pat Travers:

Albums with Snips: Albums with Sniff'n'The Tears: Albums with The Maddy Prior Band: Albums with Maddy Prior & The Answers: Albums with Maddy Prior: Albums with McCalla: Sessions:

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