Claudia Fontaine (backing vocals)
  • I've only found her in a .
  • In 1983, Elvis Costello toured with The Attractions plus The TKO Horns, and several backing vocalists. This is the lineup:

    Elvis Costello (guitar, vocals)
    Bruce Thomas (bass, vocals)
    Steve Nieve (keyboards, vocals)
    Pete Thomas (drums)
    Jimmy Patterson (trombone)
    Jeff Blythe (sax)
    Paul Speare (sax, flute, clarinet)
    Dave Plews (trumpet)
    Caron Wheeler (vocals)
    Claudia Fontaine (vocals)
    This is almost the exact lineup that recorded Punch the clock (1983). The album features the great, late Chet Baker (trumpet), Steve Robson (horns), plus Morris Pert on percussion.


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