Noosha Fox / Susan Traynor (vocalist)

A very interesting singer, it's a pity she hasn't remained too active in music business. Her real name is Susan Traynor.

Her first known band was Wooden Horse:

Their first album was a self-titled, Wooden Horse. It was followed by Wooden Horse II, recorded with this lineup: The band Wooden Horse is also credited as "vocal harmonies" for the album Admission free by Jackie Flavelle, so I guess Noosha could perform there, but I can't know for sure. Any help?

She sang in a solo album by Kenny Young, called Last stage for Silverworld. And when Kenny Young formed the band Fox, she was asked to join, adopting the stage name Noosha Fox. It was formed by great musicians around 1974:

Their first album was Fox, followed by Tails of illusion. Roger Taylor (drummer for Queen) sings backing vocals in a track by Tails of illusion.

Their 3rd album was Blue hotel, recorded with external contributions: Andy Roberts (guitar, banjo, mandolin), Bud Beadle (sax), Jay Gurden (guitar), Ann Odell (keyboards), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Glen LeFleur (drums), Martin David (drums, percussion).

Their main visual impact was Noosha, but she left the group in 1977, starting her solo career. She had released a single, 'Georgina Bailey', with moderate success. I have her in a Musikladen apparance around the end of 1977, and she had a strange, intriguing look.

After releasing some more singles, she "disappeared" from music scene. The only album I have with her singing is Tim Renwick's solo album, where she appears in a few tracks.

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