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Al Gay (sax)

Veteran sax player, most of his career has been developed in the jazz camp. I'm including him due to his experience playing with Long John Baldry, so I guess this will be a very incomplete page. Anyway, this is my tribute to him.

Al Gay was born on February 25th, 1928, in London, England. He started working in dance bands in the 40s (!!!). One of his first jazz bands were Jive Bombers. In 1953, he joined Freddie Randall group until 1956. He left this group to join Harry Gold (I'm not sure, but he probably was Al's brother - their real surname could be Goldstein).

He was a member of jazz band Bob Wallis & His Storyville Jazzmen, in 1961. There's an album called The Wallis collection, featuring him. The band disbanded in 1964.

In October 1964, Long John Baldry changes most of the members of his band Hoochie Coochie Men, with an added horn section. That's when Al joins:

But this fantastic team sadly parted ways next month, in November 1964. Baldry and Armit recruited a new band, while the other guys (less Rod Stewart) continued under the name Original All Stars: But in January 1965, the band split.

After that, he reverted to playing jazz, with Alex Welsh for a while. This was Alex Welsh Septet around 1967, when they backed trumpeter Henry Red Allen in a British tour:

This tour was recorded, and in 2001, a live CD has been released, Henry 'Red' Allen with Alex Welsh. That same year 1967, Alex Welsh Octet backed cornet player Ruby Braff in his album Hear me talkin':
This same band released the album At home with Alex Welsh And His Band in 1968:
Alex Welsh (trumpet)
Jim Douglas (guitar)
Ron Rae (bass)
Fred Hunt (piano)
Al Gay (sax)
John Barnes (sax)
Roy Williams (trombone)

Lennie Hastings (drums)
Some years later, he spent a long time playing with piano player Stan Greig, in many different formats, from duo (piano and sax) to bigger bands.
In June 1977, he's part of an ad-hoc formed by fabulous pianist Bob Hall (an early member of Savoy Brown and other great blues bands) with George Green, with a famous guy on board: drummer Charlie Watts:
Bob Hall (vocals, piano)
George Green (piano)
Nick Dean (bass)
Al Gay (sax)
Colin Smith (trumpet)
John Picard (trombone)
Charlie Watts (drums)
A live concert was later released in the album Jammin' the boogie, produced by the late Ian 'Stu' Stewart, who also guests on some track.

Later in 1977, he reunites with Alex Welsh (until Alex's death in June 1982):

In 1991, he's a member of the Manhattan Club All Stars: They appear in the album Let's Do It: A Centennial Tribute to One Hundred Years of the Genius of Cole Porter, backing people such as Paul Jones (vocals, harmonica), Elaine Delmar (vocals), Keith Smith (trumpet), Mike Pyne (piano).

In 1995, he's playing again as a duo with Stan Greig. He also led his own bands, such as Pizza Express All Stars.

In 1998, we can find Al playing in a band for old mate, drummer Laurie Chescoe, called Good Time Jazz:

This is the lineup for their album Hear music in the air, where they team with powerful gospel vocalist Pauline Pearce: Their next album, Now we are ten, was released in 2000, showing a different lineup:


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