Keith Gemmell (sax, clarinet, flute)

Superb instrumentist, he was a member of interesting band Audience, formed in 1969:

Their first album was called Audience. It was followed by Friend's friend's friend, recorded in 1970. The 3rd album was The house on the hill, produced by Gus Dudgeon.

They included a 5th member:

Their fourth album was Lunch, recorded with help from Bobby Keys (sax) and Jim Price (horns). The band also recorded the soundtrack for the movie Bronco bullfrog (aka Angel Lane), composed by Howard Werth.

After Lunch, Keith left them and joined the band Sammy in 1972:

They released a self-titled album, Sammy, produced by Ian Gillan.

After Sammy, he joined the Roy Young Band, but I don't have info about the lineups. Help, please!

Later, he joined Stackridge around 1973:

Big changes happen in the band in the summer of 1974. An old member of the band returns, Muter Slater: More changes: In 1975, Lawson leaves the band:

They recorded Mr. Mick, a conflictive album, as the band wanted it to be a concept album, but the record label didn't allow them to do that, forcing to include a Beatles cover, as well as leaving some parts out of the album. Anyway, 20 years later, the band has finally been able to release the album as they wanted, The complete Mr. Mick. The album includes contributions by the wonderful Melanie Harrold (aka Joanna Carlin) on vocals, and it was produced by Pete Gage (guitarist in Vinegar Joe).

This was the live band:

In 1976, while the band was touring promoting their album Mr. Mick, drummer Pete Van Hooke suggests Ray Russell to join them for the live lineup, thus Andrew Davis being able to concentrate on keyboards: Andrew Cresswell-Davis (vocals, keyboards)
Ray Russell (guitar)
Keith Gemmell (flute, sax)
Jim 'Crun' Walter (bass)
Michael 'Mutter' Slater (vocals, flute)
Pete Van Hooke (drums)
The band folded soon after the tour finished.

Albums with Audience:

Albums with Sammy: Albums with Stackridge: Sessions:
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