Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards)

Singer, songwriter and producer, born in England, raised in the States.

After forming a high school band, The DearSirs, in Halifax, Pennsylvania, he went on to play with Charlotte's Webb and Entourage.

While performing at The Bitter End in Greenwich Village, he was discovered and signed by the legendary John Hammond, Sr. of Columbia Records, New York. And so began his solo caree.
His first backing band was formed with members of Fotheringay, in early 1971:

His first album, Living Game, was recorded with the members of Fotheringay, plus producer Tony Cox on keyboards. 

Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar)
Jerry Donahue (guitar)
Pat Donaldson (bass)
Gerry Conway (drums)
Tony Cox (keyboards)
Recorded at CBS London and Sound Techniques, Chelsea, this lineup became Mick's backing band on the road.

Additional musicians on Living Game were: Dave Pegg (bass on two tracks), Lyn Dobson (flute, tenor sax and sitar), Andy Smith (banjo on 1 song), Ned Balen (tabla, from Amory Kane), Christine Quaile (backing vocals), and a brass section by Dudu Pukwana (sax), Karl Jenkins (sax), Bud Parkes (trumpet) and Derek Wadsworth (trombone).

Following some touring, there were some changes prior to American appearances, which led to his 2nd album, To Friends, which featured what affectionately became known as 'The Cockington All-Stars' (named after the farmhouse in Devon where they were rehearsing):

Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, piano)
Jerry Donahue (guitar)
Dave Peacock (bass, banjo, fiddle)
Barry De Souza (drums, percussion, fiddle, trumpet)
Tony Cox (keyboards)
Again, produced by Tony Cox, To Friends features guest appearances by Barry St. John, Doris Troy and Jimmy Helms.

After more touring, there were more changes in the lineup:

Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, piano)
Roger Dean (guitar) (ex-John Mayall)
Dave Peacock (bass, banjo, fiddle)
Alan Eden (drums)
Tony Cox (keyboards)
Mick then changed his management to the guy who managed Fleetwood Mac, Clifford Davis. Back in the studio for a third album, Midnight Dreamer, this time produced by Mick Greenwood (with engineer Vic Gamm). The lineup for the album was:
Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, piano, percussion)
Pat Donaldson (bass)
William A. Murray (drums)
Gerry Conway (drums)
Barry De Souza (drums)
Also featuring a superb list of vocalists: Barry St. John, Sue Glover, Liza Strike, Bonny Hamilton and Kay Garner. Plus Kenny Wheeler (trumpet), Chris Hughs (tenor sax), and more hornmen: Eddie Mordue, Rex Morris, Duncan Lamont, Wally Smith, Rick Kennedy, Chris Smith, Creg Bowen and Johnny Huckridge. The arrangements for strings, horns and singers were by Richard Hewson (the man that arranged strings on The Beatles' 'Eleanor Rigby') and Steve Hamilton.

After taking time off the road for both personal and political reasons, Mick formed a thirteen piece band, which he would hone down to a tight four piece rock band known as Eureka, this lineup being:

Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Andy Cunningham (alias Andrew Kane) (guitar, vocals)
Robin Heggie (bass)
Chris Musto (drums)

Greenwood was a prizewinner for EMI at the Castlebar International Song Contest, performing on stage with orchestra his song, 'A little magic'. Signed to Warner Brothers as a writer and performer, he's also produced tracks for other artists including September Train and Maggie Bell.

Mick has also written and produced music for film and television, and has recently gigged with an impressive rhythm section:

Mick Greenwood (vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Colin Gibson (bass)
Liam Genockey (drums)
Mick Greenwood is currently writing and preparing material for a proposed brand new album, and his albums Living Game, To Friends and Midnight Dreamer are being rereleased this Autumn on the Voiceprint label (http://www.voiceprint.co.uk). They will also be available in a boxset entitled The Mick Greenwood Teenage Trilogy.

Plans are being made on tour, and previously recorded yet unheard albums are soon to see the light of day.


            (with Pat Donaldson, Gerry Conway, Lyn Dobson, Dave Pegg)             (with Barry De Souza)             (with Pat Donaldson, Barry De Souza, Gerry Conway)

The boxset:

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