This is the list of the sessions I know Geoff Whitehorn appears... I've classified them into several categories:

Poli Palmer The solo album by this great veteran shows him playing with many of his usual bandmates in Roger Chapman band: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Boz Burrell (bass), Mel Collins (sax), Nick Pentelow (sax), Sam Kelly (drums), plus Bernie Holland (guitar) and John Surman (sax). 
Chris Thompson
Great vocalist Chris Thompson is backed here by Robbie McIntosh (guitar, old bandmate in Night), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Bob Messano (guitar), Michael Thompson (guitar), John Siegler (bass),  John Van Torgeren (keyboards), Michael Fisher (keyboards), Timmy Cappello (sax, from Tina Turner band), Gary Barnacle (sax), Steve Sidwell (sax), Martin Dobson (sax), Peter Thoms (trumpet), Anton Fig (drums), John Lingwood (drums). Backing vocals by Stevie Lange, Miriam Stockley, Robbie Nevil, Tommy Farragher, Suzie O'List and Gill O'Donovan. 
Roger Chapman

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

After four years out of Roger Chapman's band, Geoff played with him again in this album: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Laurie Wisefield (guitar), Alvin Lee (guitar), Peter Stroud (bass, now in Peter Green's Splinter Group), Andy Brown (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Mike Paice (sax), Bob Jenkins (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon. 

John 'Rabbit' Bundrick John 'Rabbit' Bundrick is a great musician, and he'll someday have his own pages in my Olympus. He has been releasing solo albums during two decades.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Run for cover is his first solo album in the 90s. Rabbit sings and plays all the instruments, except guitar parts. Geoff Webb is the guitarist in 7 tracks, while Geoff Whitehorn plays in the remaining 8 tracks. Whitehorn licks and solos are awesome (as always!).

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

For Tour guide, John reunites with two of his bandmates in Crawler: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), and Terry Wilson-Slesser (vocals). Completing the lineup, a superb rhythm section: Kuma Harada (bass) and Henry Spinetti (drums), plus Snowy White guesting on two tracks, and Janne Schaffer (guitar on 1 track, he was the usual guitarist for Abba).


Mike Starrs Sorry, I don't know who he is. Geoff appears here, in which can be his first session. 
Richard Digance
To me, he sounds like a folkie singer; it's a very nice album. With Geoff Whitehorn (playing all the electric guitar parts), Doug Morter (guitar), John O'Connor (guitar), DeLisle Harper (bass), Dik Cadbury (bass), Dave Nevin (keyboards), John Mitchell (keyboards), Adrian Shepherd (drums), Doreen Chanter & Martha Smith & Tony Atkins (backing vocals). Tony Atkins is also the producer of the album. 
Terry & Gay Woods
They were founder members of Steeleye Span, but they left the band after four months. They joined in May 70 to Doctor Strangely Strange (now more famous because a young Gary Moore played in some of their albums), and later they formed the Woods Band. I think this is their second album. With Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Ed Deane (guitar, bass), Dave Wintour (bass), Peter Arnesen (keyboards), Tony Carr (percussion), Mike Giles (drums). 
Mike Berry
He was the mythical singer from The Outlaws (a combo produced by Joe Meek, who also included Chas Hodges, Ritchie Blackmore and Mick Underwood, to be covered in my Olympus). This album features Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Terry Britten (guitar), Andy Parker (guitar), Ken Freeman (keyboards), Graham Todd (keyboards), Clem Cattini (drums), Gerry Conway (drums), Mel Jones (drums). As well as some old members of the Outlaws: Billy Kuy (guitar), Ken Lundgren (bass), Chas Hodges (keyboards). 
Peter Doyle
Sorry, I don't know who he is. In this album, we can find Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Paul Keogh (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Alan Tarney (bass, guitar, keyboards), Tony Hymas (keyboards), Simon Phillips (drums), Trevor Spencer (drums). 
Edna B. Jerano
I must admit that I bought this album just because of Geoff's presence, as I didn't know (I still don't know) who she is. 
Wounder John Scott Cree
This album contains recordings made from 1975 to 1979, and Geoff is featured in several tracks.

I need to include bigger explanation about the tracks. 

Jimmy Hibbert This funny album (the images in the front and rear cover are fantastic) is credited to Jimmy Hibbert, who was a member of the rock-comedy band Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias in 1973. They split in 1980, after the death of one of the members (vocalist Les Prior). Ah, if you want to know where Jimmy Hibbert currently is, check for the credits on cartoon series 'Count Duckula'! Well, back to this album ... the musicians are: Geoff Whitehorn (who plays all the guitars in the album), Graham Preskett (keyboards), and from Manfred Mann Earth Band: Manfred Mann (keyboards), Pat King (bass), John Lingwood (drums).

Manfred Mann Earth Band More connections with this band, commanded by Manfred Mann.

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

In Chance, with Chris Thompson (vocals, guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Waller (guitar), Robbie McIntosh (guitar), Trevor Rabin (guitar), Mick Rogers (guitar), Pat King (bass), Barbara Thompson (sax, from Paraphernalia), John Lingwood (drums), Graham Preskett (violin) 

Kevin Ayers Usually living in Spain, this album was recorded prior to coming here. Produced by Graham Preskett (who also plays guitar, keyboards and violin), the musicians include the much-missed Ollie Halsall (guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Mo Foster (bass), Liam Genockey (drums), Trevor Morrell (drums), Claire Torry (backing vocals). 
Gerald Masters
Sorry, I don't know who he is. 
Florence Warner
This fine vocalist appears in albums by Steely Dan, Donovan, Jimmy Buffett and Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg. She has been releasing her solo material since 1973. 
Johnny Halliday
He's the rock star from France, from the 60s. He once had Jimi Hendrix playing for him, as well as some other British artist (Mick Jones from Foreigner, comes to my mind now). 
Marcia Hines
This must be her second album, after 'Ooh child'. It includes a rendition of 'Many rivers to cross'. 
Elkie Brooks

(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

This  was the first album I bought by this great lady. Great collections of covers: 'Money' (Pink Floyd), 'Don't stop' (Fleetwood Mac), 'Gasoline Alley' (Rod Stewart), 'Nights in white satin' (Moody Blues), etc. With superb players: Tim Renwick (guitar on 2 tracks), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar on 7 tracks), Martin Jenner (guitar), John Giblin (bass), Pete Wingfield (keyboards, also backing vocals here), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Dave Mattacks (drums), John Lingwood (drums), Graham Jarvis (drums), Duncan Kinnell (drums), Frank Ricotti (percussion), Katie Kissoon & Jimmy Chambers (backing vocals). Album produced by Gus Dudgeon. The arranger for the tracks are Pete Wingfield, Geoff Whitehorn, Duncan Mackay and John Giblin. 

Wall Street Crash Sorry, I don't know who they are. The list of musicians involved in this project is long: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Alan Parker (guitar), Paul Westwood (bass), John Giblin (bass), Tommy Eyre (keyboards), Duncan Mackay (keyboards), Cliff Hall (keyboards), Ron Aspery (sax), Martin Dobson (sax), Simon Phillips (drums), Ray Cooper (percussion). 
Paul McCartney

Pipes of peace includes collaborations from Michael Jackson (vocals), Eric Stewart (guitar), Denny Laine (guitar), Hughie Burns (guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Stanley Clarke (bass), Jerry Hey (horns), Andy Mackay (sax), Ernie Watts (sax), Ringo Starr (drums), Steve Gadd (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums). 

Joe Fagin I don't have info about him, I just remember his name in one of Eddie Hardin's editions of Wizzard Convention. CHECK 
Billy Ocean
This famous singer released this album in 1984, including a rendition of 'The long and winding road'. This was one year before he had a great hit with the song theme from 'The jewel of the Nile' soundtrack ('When the going gets though'). Also with Eddie Martinez (guitar), and very good vocalists: Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange, Cyndi Myzelle, Lisa Fischer, Curtis King, etc. 
Jimmy Nail
In this album, Jimmy Nail is backed by: Tim Renwick (guitar), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Rick Parfitt (guitar, from Status Quo), Felix Krish (bass), Jo Burt (bass, he once played in Black Sabbath), Richard Cottle (keyboards), Jeff Daly (horns), Neil Wilkinson (drums), Roger Taylor (drums, from Queen), and backing vocals by Linda Taylor and Tessa Niles, among others.


Chris Farlowe
(scan courtesy of Alex Gitlin)

Fantastic singer, he is backed in this album with a impressive list of musicians, like Alvin Lee & Leo Lyons (from Ten Years After), Micky Moody (guitar), Tim Hinkley (keyboards, also producing), Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Albert Lee (guitar), Clem Clempson (guitar), Phil Palmer (guitar), Boz Burrell (bass), Charlie Morgan (drums), and backing vocals by Vicky Brown, Sam Brown, Irene Chanter & Doreen Chanter. The album was recorded during 1990 and 1991.

Roger Waters Although Geoff didn't play in the live performance of The Wall - Live in Berlin, he was called to play some parts in the studio. I remember I watched it live on TV, and there were lots of technical problems. In fact, the whole sound was absent for some of the first songs. So, in order to be released on CD, they need to 'fix' some things, and Geoff was called to play.

What a killer guitar team for the album Amused to death!: Jeff Beck and Geoff Whitehorn. Also with Steve Lukather (guitar), Tim Pierce (guitar), Andy Fairweather-Low (guitar), B.J. Cole (pedal steel guitar), Rick DiFonzo (guitar), Bruce Gaitsch (guitar), John 'Rabbit' Bundrick (keyboards), Randy Jackson (bass), John Pattituci (bass), the late Jeff Porcaro (drums), Graham Broad (drums), Denny Fongheiser (drums), and vocals by Rita Coolidge, Don Henley, Katie Kissoon and Doreen Chanter, plus Michael Kamen conducting an orchestra. A very interesting album. 

Gilbert O'Sullivan < need to get the whole credits >

Tony Stevens He's the bassist from Savoy Brown, and later an original member of Foghat, where he still is (again). He's backed in this solo album by: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Anthony Glynn, Nick Payn (sax), Nick Pentelow (sax), Alan Love. It includes a rendition of The Rolling Stones' 'Under my thumb'. 
This young female violin prodigy player started her career releasing classical albums, with pieces by Mozart, Paganini, Bach, etc. But she also releases pop albums. This one contains collaborations from Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Andy Hill (guitar, bass, keyboards), Richard Cottle (keyboards), Graham Broad (drums) and several orchestras.

Chas and Dave This was the duo by Chas Hodges (soon to be covered in my Olympus) and Dave Peacock. Geoff plays in some of their albums, although I don't know in which one. Help, please!  

VV.AA. This album contains 11 original songs by British top guitarists, such as Geoff Whitehorn, James Litherland (ex-Colosseum and Mogul Thrash), Micky Moody, Joe Hubbard, Gordon Giltrap, Ronnie Johnson.

Plus sessions for Lulu, Paul Young, John Parr, etc. I'm still missing this info!

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