Charlie Hart (keyboards, violin)

Fantastic multiinstrumentist, his best skills are with violin and keyboards. He was born in Oxford in 1948.

He started his career in a band called One One Seven around 1967:

James Fraser (vocals)
Alan Grimley (guitar)
Pete Carr (bass)
Charlie Hart (keyboards)
Johnny Shirreff (drums)
They broke that same year. Later, Charlie joined cult band Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments: Pete Brown (vocals, percussion)
Chris Spedding (guitar)
Roger Potter (bass)
Charlie Hart (keyboards)
George Kahn (flute)
Rob Tait (drums)
Pete Bailey (percussion)
They released an album with a funny title, A meal you can shake hands with in the dark in 1969, produced by Dick Heckstall-Smith, who also plays sax here. But soon that year, Pete Brown is fired, and Charlie Hart also leaves.

In November 1970, he joins the late Ian Dury in the original lineup of Kilburn & The High Roads as bassist:

Ian Dury (vocals)
Ted Speight (guitar)
Charlie Hart (bass)
Russell Hardy (keyboards)
George Khan (sax)
Terry Day (drums)
After a couple of months, the band sort of disbanded. Charlie joined People Band, with some old mates from Battered Ornaments. He played with them along the years, up to 1973. Some members were: Roger Potter (bass)
Charlie Hart (keyboards)
George Kahn (flute)
Rob Tait (drums)
+ many others unknown to me.
The People Band released a self-titled album in 1970. Another famous sporadic member was Charlie Watts, who produced the album.

But in January 1972, Charlie rejoins Dury in Kilburn & The High Roads:

Ian Dury (vocals)
Keith Lucas (guitar)
Charlie Hart (bass)
Russell Hardy (keyboards)
Davey Payne (sax)
Chris Lucas (drums)
In May 1972, their original drummer comes back: Ian Dury (vocals)
Keith Lucas (guitar)
Charlie Hart (bass)
Russell Hardy (keyboards)
Davey Payne (sax)
Terry Day (drums)
Charlie Hart finally leaves them in April 1973, probably to concentrate on People Band.

After many personnel changes, Ronnie Lane calls Charlie Hart to play in his band Slim Chance in October 1974:

(different incarnations of Ronnie Lane & Slim Chance)

But Jim Frank soon left the band, being replaced by great drummer Glen Le Fleur:

They released the album Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance.

Next to leave is Glen, being replaced in March 1975 by a new drummer:

The lineup is decreased with Ruan O'Lochlainn leaves.
(from left to right: Steve Simpson, Charlie Hart, Ronnie Lane, Brian Belshaw, Colin Davey)
Next album was the live One for the road, recorded during Autumn 1975. But soon later, in March 1976, Ronnie Lane dissolves the band.

 You never can tell is a 2CD featuring BBC sessions plus live tracks. Steve Simpson appears in many of these tracks. Thirteen tracks were recorded live in 1974 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/O'Lochlainn/LeFleur lineup). Four tracks were recorded live in 1976 (the Lane/Simpson/Belshaw/Hart/Davey lineup), and 6 more songs were recorded live also in 1976 (the same lineup plus a very special guest, old mate Ian McLagan on keyboards). Other musicians featured in this album are: Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle.

The compilation Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 was released in 1997, and Steve Simpson is featured in 7 tracks, along with the musicians above mentioned, plus Cal Batchelor, Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Carol Grimes, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Kevin Westlake, Billy Livsey, Steve Bingham, Ken Slaven, Chrissy Stewart, Alun Davies. It also contains two bonus live tracks recorded on March 1975, so I guess Steve is featured there.

He then joined Wreckless Eric & The New Rockets.

But in March 1980, he comes back with Ronnie Lane for a live recording for German Rockpalast show. This was the lineup:

In July 1980, Ronnie Lane comes back to play in London. Again, Charlie is with him: In 1981, he's a member of the band Juice on the Loose: They released a self-titled album with this lineup. The lineup was changing along the years, although Charlie used to be there always. In 1983, their lineup was: In 1986, their lineup was: In 1988, Juice on the Loose releases a new album, Secret life, produced by legendary Mike Vernon, with a slightly different lineup: But soon after, Charlie leaves the band in that same 1988.

During the mid eighties, Charlie also played some gigs with the megaband Rocket 88, a combo assembled by Ian 'Stu' Stewart and Charlie Watts. Many great musicians played in the band: Colin Hodgkinson, Micky Waller, Bob Hall, Danny Adler, Dick Morrisey, Jack Bruce, Jim Roche, Jimmy Page, Alexis Korner, Pete York, Chris Farlowe, etc.

In 1993, he formed an unusual trio called Ricard, Watkins & Hart:

They released an album funnily called Disorder on the border.

In 1994, Charlie teams with Chris Jagger, playing (and producing) his album Atcha, and forming part of his Atcha Band:

But Chris and Charlie also recently formed the band Atcha Acoustic (yes, you can guess!) around 1996: Their first album in the 'unplugged' format is called From Lhasa to Lewisham.

In 1998, he form a duo with his friend Dave Woodhead, under the name Dueling Whistles:

The lineup for Atcha Band in 2000 is:  

Another interesting aspect of Charlie Hart are his productions. He has acted as a producer for bands such as Diz and the Doormen, Balham Alligators or Chris Jagger. I also have a very interesting album by Brian Knight, produced by Charlie. The album is called Dark Horse (1981), and it features Peter Green, Micky Waller, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dana Gillespie, Ian 'Stu' Stewart and Charlie Watts, as well as Charlie playing bass.

Last thing I found about Charlie was playing in the credits for interesting movie 'Stormy Monday' (by director Mike Figgis; starring Sting and Melanie Griffith). Charlie was part of the jazz ensemble playing in the soundtrack, full of jazzy flavour.

 Albums with Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments:  Albums with The People Band: Albums with Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance or Ronnie Lane alone:
  • Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance (Feb 75, with Steve Simpson, Glen LeFleur, Brian Belshaw)
  • One for the road (Jan 76; CD reissue: 1996, with Steve Simpson, Brian Belshaw) (live)
  • You never can tell (Jul 97, with Steve Simpson, Glen LeFleur, Brian Belshaw, Ian McLagan, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart) (2CD)
  • Kuschty Rye - the singles 1973 - 1980 (Aug 97, with Steve Simpson, Cal Batchelor, Henry McCullough, Eric Clapton, Bruce Rowland, Jimmy Jewell, Chrissy Stewart) (compilation)
  • See me (1980; CD reissue: 1996, with Steve Simpson, Cal Batchelor, Eric Clapton, Henry McCullough, Brian Belshaw, Chrissy Stewart, Mel Collins, Bruce Rowland) (also reissued under the title One step)
  • Plonk (Feb 99, 4CD boxset, with lots of unreleased tracks) (includes 1 unreleased album recorded in 1977 with Brian Belshaw, Eric Clapton, John Porter, Hughie Flint)
  •  Albums with Wreckless Eric: Albums with Juice on the Loose: Albums with Ricard Watkins & Hart: Albums with Chris Jagger: Albums with Atcha Acoustic: Other albums:
  • Deaf School (Second honeymoon, Aug 76)
  • Townsend/Lane (Rough mix, 1977, with Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, Boz Burrell, John Entwistle, Eric Clapton, Mel Collins, Benny Gallagher, Graham Lyle, Peter Hope Evans, Chris Laurence, Dave Markee, Billy Nicholls, Henry Spinetti, Ian 'Stu' Stewart, Charlie Watts)
  • Matchbox (Flying colours, 1981, with Ron Aspery, Duncan Mackay, John Marshall, Graham Preskett)
  • Dana Gillespie (Blue job, 1982)
  • Willie Egan (Going back to Louisiana, 1984)
  • Big Jay McNeely (From Harlem to Candem, 1984)
  • Ron Kavana (Rollin' & coastin' in search of America, 1985, with Nick Pentelow)
  • Dana Gillespie (Sweet meat, 1989)
  • Dana Gillespie (Blues it up, 1990, with Bob Hall, Sam Mitchell, Frank Mead, Mike Paice, Bimbo Acock)
  • Dana Gillespie (Where blue begins, 1991, with Ed Deane, Tim Renwick, Frank Mead, Pete Wingfield) (two songs co-written by Charlie)
  • Dana Gillespie (Hot stuff, Jan 96, with Ed Deane, Sam Mitchell, Frank Mead, Mike Paice)
  • VV.AA. / Ron Kavana (credited to L.I.L.T. - stand for London Irish Live Trust) (For the children, with Fran Byrne, Rod Demick, Ed Deane, Hughie Flint, Frank Mead)
  • Productions:
  • Brian Knight (A dark horse, 1981, with Peter Green, Micky Waller, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Dana Gillespie, Ian 'Stu' Stewart, Charlie Watts)
  • Diz & The Doormen (Bluecoat man, 1982)

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