Eddie Hoh (drums)

Fantastic drummer, he was often credited as 'Fast' Eddie Hoh.

First band I've been able to trace with him was xxx

Around 1967, he's part of a band from LA called Giant Sunflower:

They released some singles for Ode record label.

Eddie was friends with Barry Goldberg, so they worked together in different projects. This was the lineup for the Barry Goldberg Reunion:

Many years later, a live album has been released, credited to Barry Goldberg & Friends. The album is called Live, and it features: There's a 2nd album called Live, with different tracks, but surely the same players: xxxxxxAnd then, I haven't been able to find more bands with Roy. But he has been playing in many albums, usually with his friends Red Kaplan, Stu Woods or John Miller.



Albums with Barry Goldberg: Albums with Al Kooper + Mike Bloomfield + Stephen Stills: Sessions:
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