Henry Spinetti is a great in-demand drummer. He plays in dozens of fantastic albums; no matter the style, he is always fantastic. Henry was born March 31, 1951, on Cwm, South Wales.


A band, made famous because of having Peter Frampton in their lineup. But I must say that the other members were fantastic players, we can find them playing in lots of albums by British artists all through the seventies. They were formed in 1965, but Frampton left them in March 1969. Soon later, their drummer Andrew Steele also leaves, and Henry is recruited:

Andy Bown (keyboards, guitar)
Gary Taylor (bass)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
But just some months later, in October 1969, they dissolve, Bown and Spinetti teaming together in their new project.


This band was formed when Amen Corner split. Two bands were formed in 1970 from Amen Corner separation: Fair Weather (with Andy Fairweather Low and Blue Weaver), and Judas Jump. This was the lineup:

Adrian Williams (vocals)
Trevor Williams (guitar)
Charlie Harrison (bass)
Andy Bown (keyboards, guitar)
Alan Jones (sax)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
But their life as a band was very short, and they split after releasing an album, Scorch, and two singles.


This band was formed in 1970. Their first album was produced by ex-Herd guys Andy Bown and Peter Frampton. Around 1971, they change the lineup, and that's when Henry joins them:

Caroline Attard (vocals)
Terry Durham (vocals)
Roger Moon (guitar, vocals)
Chris Belshaw (bass, vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
They release a 2nd album, More pages, before splitting again, due to null success.


In 1972, Henry tours with Joan Armatrading.

Joan Armatrading (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)


In 1974, Henry tours with Neil Sedaka.

Neil Sedaka (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)


Henry has been playing with Andy Fairweather-Low for years in the period from 1970 to 1976.

Neil Sedaka (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)

And then? 

I don't know about Henry from 1971 to 1975. Maybe he just did sessions.


This was a hard rock band. Henry joined them around 1975, after their original drummer, Tony Beard, left them.

Steve Haynes (vocals)
Mickey Llewelyn (guitar, vocals)
Kenny Lyons (bass, vocals)
Kenny Daughters (keyboards)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
Henry recorded with them their 2nd album, called Play loud. Again, this was the end of the story.


Around 1976, Chris Stainton assembled a new band, with fantastic musicians.

Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Charlie Harrison (bass, vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
But their only, self-titled album didn't break the charts, so they returned to sessions.

And then? 

Again, no info from 1976 to 1979. But, reading his endless sessions, we can bet he wasn't bored at all!


Next time I read about him is when he joined Eric Clapton's band, in September 1979. A great lineup:

Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar)
Albert Lee (guitar)
Dave Markee (bass)
Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
Almost all of them are in my Olympus! They recorded a live album in Tokyo, December 1979. The double album was called Just one night. It contains some of his classics ('Cocaine', 'After midnight', 'Further on up the road' and renditions of Otis Rush's 'Double trouble' or Robert Johnson's 'Rambling on my mind'). Ah, and a curious thing, a version of Dire Straits' 'Setting me up', sung by Albert Lee. Some months later, they add a new member, the magnificent Gary Brooker (from Procol Harum fame).
Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar)
Albert Lee (guitar)
Dave Markee (bass)
Gary Brooker (piano, vocals)
Chris Stainton (keyboards)
Henry Spinetti (drums)
They stay together until October 1982.


Henry plays in a concert recorded for German TV, in 1982.


In 1984, Henry tours with Tina Turner until 1985.

Tina Turner (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)

And then? 

Again, no info.


In 1990, Henry tours with Joan Armatrading.

Joan Armatrading (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)

TINA TURNER (band) (again) 

In 1990, Henry tours again with Tina Turner.

Tina Turner (vocals)
Henry Spinetti (drums)


Around 1990, Henry was part of the backing band of this great singer, whose famous past bands include Family and Streetwalkers.

I don't know how much time Henry spent with Roger. Does anybody know?


In 1991, the fantastic Chris Spedding forms a new killer trio for a tour:

From the concerts, a live album was released. It's called Gesundheit: Live in Germany. Recorded in Bremen (Germany, of course). Full of energetic rock'n'roll covers, such as 'Shakin' all over' or 'Summertime blues'.


In 1992, Henry plays again with this agrupation. This time, the main vocalist is Barry Ryan.

In 1993, the main singer is Bobby Kimball (from Toto). The musical director was German arranger Eberhard Schoener, and the rock musicians were:

ERIC CLAPTON (band) (again) 

In 1993, Henry tours again with Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar)
Henry Spinetti (drums)

BILL WYMAN (band) 

In 1993 and 1994, Henry tours with Bill Wyman.

Bill Wyman (vocals, bass)
Henry Spinetti (drums)

ERIC CLAPTON (band) (again) 

In 1995, Henry tours again with Eric Clapton.

Eric Clapton (vocals, guitar)
Henry Spinetti (drums)


Henry joined the band for some gigs, around February 1996.


Henry, along with Gary Brooker, has been playing with Colin John in some concerts.

It has been released a live album from these performances, Live in the spirit.


This was an occasional all-star lineup assembled for a gig in September 1997 in Hell Blues Festival.


And a surprising move. In 1997, Micky Moody decides to re-form Juicy Lucy again.


Bryn Haworth made a brief UK tour in September 1997, with this lineup:


Gary Brooker assembles a band to play some charity gigs in December 1997, so he calls some of his friends to play with him.

(band with no name) 

In 1998, there's a meeting of musicians from Wales, to play a one-off charity gig at Cardiff, to be recorded by the BBC. This was the lineup:


As every year, Gary Brooker assembles a band to play some charity gigs in December 1998. Impressive lineup:


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