Dave Hynes (drums)

Very good drummer, he was born in London on October 16, 1945.

First band I've been able to trace with him was The Mirage, a band from Hertford, England. It started with more guys (I guess they were his brothers), around 1960. After some years, they become a professional band. This was their first stable lineup:

Around 1965 or so, Pat Hynes leaves, being replaced by keyboardist Kirk Duncan: There were changes in the band (Jeff Peters would replace Dee Murray at some point). They released 7 singles from 1965 to 1969 (their 2nd single was produced by Graham Nash, Allan Clarke and Tony Hicks, all from The Hollies), and although they never released an album, many years later an album has appeared, You can't be serious, with 24 tracks, some of them live!

Dee Murray and Dave Hynes left in October 1968 to join a famous band, Spencer Davis Group. They had lost Eddie Hardin and Pete York (who went to form their own Hardin & York), and Dee and Dave arrived:

They released a single, 'Short change / Picture of heaven', released in December 1968. But soon after, Dave was replaced by Nigel Olsson. Many years later, some unreleased tracks have appeared as bonus tracks in CD reissues, etc., as we can read below.

After leaving Spencer Davis Group, I think Dave rejoined old mates Ray Glynn and and Peter Hynes in Portobello Road, but I can't confirm it.

In 1972, he joins mythical Joe Brown in his new band, Brown's Home Brew, along with Joe's wife, the great, late Vicki Brown:

They released their first album, Brown's Home Brew, also featuring Pete Oakman on bass. After that, the band changed, but Dave stayed. Enters another great singer, Joe Fagin: They released a 2nd album, Together, but I don't have it, so I can't say who is playing there. Any help with info would be very welcomed!

Steve Marriott reformed The Small Faces in 1977. The band recorded a new album, Playmates, in Joe Brown's studio. That's why most of Joe Brown band appear in the album as guests (Joe Brown, Vicki Brown, Tony Williams, Dave Hynes). When The Small Faces split in 1978, Steve Marriott formed a power trio, with Dave Hynes and Jim Leverton:

But after some months, Steve folded the band (he emigrated to the States). But it wasn't to be too long since Steve and Dave would reunite again.

Old bandmates Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane played a gig with the Blind Drunk band on September 1981:

They also recorded an album, Majic Mijits, that remained unreleased for many years, until 2001. The liner notes dedicate the album to Dave Hynes, as it's stated that he sadly died, although I haven't got any additional info about it.


1. Was Dave a member of Jawbone and/or Portobello Explosion?

2. Was he a member of another lineup of Blind Drunk (with Marriott, Micky Finn and Jim Leverton)?

3. Did he also play with Steve Marriott and Jim Leverton under the name of Packet of Three?

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