Fantastic keyboardist, he has played in lots of great bands. You have to read these pages to realize...


This was probably a school band for Ian:

Sometimes, they were augmented by Simon Cantwell and others.


First professional band I've been able to trace with Ian was Pig Iron, from 1968 to 1969:


In 1974, Ian was a member of Life:

They released the album A life after death, produced by Chris White (from The Zombies). But I don't have more details about the band. Help, please!


This band was formed in 1976 by some musicians that later joined Dr. Feelgood, also a member of Mott The Hoople:

They split in 1977. As far as I know, they didn't record any material.
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Nigel Benjamin
Jerry Stevenson
Phil Mitchell
Kevin Morris


One of my favourite bands. Ian Gibbons joined the band in 1979:

I hope you won't mind a bit of my own story. One for the road was my first contact with The Kinks. A Spanish TV program had bought the album outside Spain, where it was accompanied by a live video. They showed the video, and I felt in love with the band. This was more than 20 years ago, in 1980. Recently, I've bought the new reissue as 2CD, being the 2nd CD an enhanced one showing live video footage for the computer. The album also features Nick Newell as additional keyboardist, so I guess he also toured with the band.

Give the people what they want was their next studio album. With the hauntingly beautiful 'Better things' song included.

State of confusion album included two additional tracks in the cassette version ('Noise' and 'Long distance'). The CD reissue on Konk label includes 4 bonus tracks (2 of them being those mentioned songs).

In 1984, original drummer Mick Avory leaves, being replaced by another legendary musician, Bob Henrit:

Word of mouth was the first album with the new lineup, although Mick Avory still appears in 3 tracks. My favourite track is 'Do it again'. The CD reissue on Konk label includes 2 bonus tracks.

Return to Waterloo was a movie directed, produced and written by Ray Davies. The best thing is that it contains tracks by The Kinks, never available on record. In March 1999, it was reissued on DVD together with a video compilation by The Kinks, Come dancing with The Kinks. The album was credited to Ray Davies, but I include it here, as it's clearly a Kinks  album (except that Dave Davies is not featured). It features both Bob Henrit and Mick Avory.

In 1986, they came to play to Spain for the first time (well, they had played a short concert, back in 1964).

Think visual also features Mick Avory in one track.

The road - live is obviously a live album, recorded in the summer of 1987, and including a new studio track, 'The road'.

Ian Gibbons left the band in 1989. But, we'll soon read that he rejoined some years later.

Come dancing with the Kinks: the best of The Kinks 1977-1986 is a compilation originally released as a 2LP with 18 tracks. The CD reissue is missing 3 tracks, in order to fit into 1CD. It contains previously released material, but of important note is that there is a song only released as a single, 'Father Christmas', and a rare track, 'Long distance'. As the period covered spawns through different Kinks lineups, I must say that other musicians appearing includes Ron Lawrence (bass), Alan Holmes (sax), John Beecham (trombone), Nick Newell (keyboards, sax), Nick Trevisik (drums), Clem Cattini (drums), plus former members Andy Pyle (bass) and John Gosling (keyboards).

(click here for a bigger image, 50 Kbs.)

In 1980, Ian joins Shotgun, the band assembled by Ken Hensley when he left Uriah Heep (after 11 years in the band).

Ken Hensley (vocals, guitar)
Derek Marshall (guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)
But the band's life was very short, and they didn't make any recording. Made one concert tour of UK. Great reviews.

There is a video of the band performing Ken Hensley’s single taken from Ken's Free Spirit album.


Robert Lee Kolb (from Dallas) came over to play a couple of shows. Line-up included Shotgun members:

Robert Lee Kolb (vocals, guitar)
Denny Ball (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Pete Thompson (drums)
+ singers and a sax player


This is a very interesting British band. They have gone through many personnel changes during their career, always with Tim Elliott aboard. Ian Gibbons was a member of the band sometime during the 80s (for example, he played with them in 1988 and 1989), but he also guested in some album.

The album Hat trick was produced by Mike Vernon, and it features Geraint Watkins (keyboards), Bob Ross (keyboards) and Pete Thomas (sax).

He also appears in Live and/or rare - the Hat Trick era, along with other great guests: Geraint Watkins (keyboards) and from Dr. Feelgood: Dave Bronze (bass) and The Big Figure (drums). This album has been released as part of a 2CD pack, along with Blues graffitti, where Ian doesn't appear.

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Billy Ritchie


Another one-off project around 1991 was On The Bench, comprising the great Lee Brilleaux from Dr. Feelgood:

They released some tracks in Escape from oil city, an album with some tracks by On The Bench and some other tracks by a similar one-off outfit, Canvey Island All Stars.

THE KINKS (again) 

It's around July 1993 when Ian rejoins the band:

To the bone is a collection of live takes, some electric, some acoustic, plus two new studio tracks. It's a very nice album, showing that the band is still going strong. It contains most of their classics, but also some great, forgotten tracks.

As far as I know, he's still considered a member of the band, although they remain inactive, as both Davies brothers are developing their solo careers.


After having played as a guest in some albums with the band, Ian joined them for their latest concerts with Lee, in January 1994.

Lee Brilleaux (vocals, harmonica)
Steve Walwyn (guitar)
Dave Bronze (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Kevin Morris (drums)
The great live album Down at the doctors was released from those gigs, recorded on 24th and 25th January at the Dr Feelgood Music Bar in Essex. It was produced and mixed by Dave Bronze.

And sadly, Lee Brilleaux died on April 7th, that same year. He'll be missed.


In 1995, Ian Gibbons played in Little Devils, a band fronted by singer Johnny Warman:

Johnny Warman (vocals)
Laurie Wisefield (guitar)
Steve Barnacle (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
John Lingwood (drums)
Wisefield, Lingwood and Ian were part of Roger Chapman band at that time.

This was Andy Scott's own version of The Sweet. I think Ian played with the band around 1997, but I can't find accurate info about it. Help, please!

Andy Scott (guitar, vocals)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
+ others unknown to me.

This was the lineup for Ian Hunter tour in 1997:

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Darrell Bath
Paul Cuddeford
Paul Francis
Alan Young
Someday, these musicians will have a short tribute here:
Ian Hunter


During April 1999, Ian Hunter performs a new tour around England, and he calls Ian Gibbons again to play with him:

Some gigs were made with the great Blue Weaver replacing Ian Gibbons as he had to attend some familiar affairs (having a baby!).
Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Darrell Bath
Paul Cuddeford
Paul Francis
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Steve Holley
Someday, these musicians will have a short tribute here:
Ian Hunter


And in year 2000, Ian Hunter starts calls the same musicians to play another tour around England:

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Darrell Bath
Paul Cuddeford
Paul Francis
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Steve Holley
Someday, these musicians will have a short tribute here:
Ian Hunter


This is a band with a similar look and attitude as the Blues Brothers. At some time (don't know when!) Ian Gibbons joins them:

Peter Tobit (vocals)
Eddy Stacey (vocals, harmonica)
John Rand (guitar)
John Sorrell (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Richard Pardee (sax)
Roger Jacobs (drums)


And again in 2001, Ian Gibbons joins Ian Hunter starts for some dates in June:

Click for short, additional info on bandmates:
Andy York
Paul Cuddeford
Gus Goad
Someday, these musicians will be fully covered here:
Steve Holley
Someday, these musicians will have a short tribute here:
Ian Hunter


Around 1990, Henry was part of the backing band of this great singer, whose famous past bands include Family and Streetwalkers.  

After four years out of Roger Chapman's band, Geoff Whitehorn played with them again in Under no obligation: Geoff Whitehorn (guitar), Steve Simpson (guitar), Laurie Wisefield (guitar), Alvin Lee (guitar), Peter Stroud (bass), Andy Bown (bass), Mick Weaver (keyboards), Pete Wingfield (keyboards), Ian Gibbons (keyboards), Mike Paice (sax), Bob Jenkins (drums). Produced by Mike Vernon.

In May 1997, Chris Parren joined Roger Chapman & The Shortlist for a few gigs, substituting their usual keyboardist, Ian Gibbons, as he was not available that month:

The lineup in 1997-1998 consisted of:

This lineup recorded A turn unstoned?, with help from Mark Feltham (harmonica), Keith Airey (guitar, brother of Don Airey), Melvin Duffy (pedal steel guitar), Paul Weimar (sax), Steve Hamilton (sax), Steve Stroud (bass), Graham Broad (drums), and from the Brian May Band: Jamie Moses (guitar), Spike Edney (keyboards), Susie Webb & Zoe Nicholas (backing vocals). There are 3 songs co-written by Steve Simpson, plus songs by Jim Cregan and Ric Ocasek (from The Cars).

In 1999, it has been released a double live album by Roger Chapman. This is the lineup featured there:

The 2CD album is called In my own time (live), and it features recent live tracks, plus some others recorded back in 1993.

The lineup for the 1999 tour, promoting the album, consisted of:

Gibbons left the band during the first months of 1999, in order to tour with Ian Hunter.

But in September 1999, Pat Crumly and Paul Hirsh leave, and Nick Pentelow and Ian Gibbons return to the band for a two months tour:

Miller Anderson is asked to join the band in April 2000, when their usual guitarist, Steve Simpson, is busy and not available for touring. This was the new lineup, where Miller and Gary Twigg meet again:
Roger Chapman (vocals)
Miller Anderson (guitar, vocals)
Anthony Glynne (guitar)
Gary Twigg (bass)
Ian Gibbons (keyboards)
Mick Clewes (drums)
Helen Hardy (backing vocals)
Nothing was recorded by this lineup.

Chapman's new live album is Rollin' and tumblin', recorded in 2000, with this lineup:



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